This is a testimony from one of the sisters in our church. She is a young woman happily married. They lost their first son when he was 11 months old, partly thru foolishness and carelessness. God was merciful to them. They now have another son who became sick in the same way like the first one, but this time their faith was stronger and the baby is healed. They passed thru many trials but they are much better and stable spiritually. They cried many tears but now they are happy and committed Christians. May this testimony of grace and comfort, of a second chance, encourage all the readers, especially the mothers who have small children. Never forget! God loves you and your family! To God be all the glory!

“Dear Malia…
My testimony is long. This is just part of it. Please forgive my mistakes. Unfortunately for me, my husband did something that made me bitter. Instead of me to take the pain to my Maker, I took it to the world and that was how the world gave me what they had for me by snatching my first born. I want to thank God for you in my life because your sermons have driven foolishness far from us. Now i take my pains to the cross no matter how. When I make mistakes, I run to the cross because that is where my life is.

Before the tragedy, the devil succeeded in removing Jesus from our lives; no more morning devotions,no more prayers. I couldn’t even remember any scripture. Even John 3:16 was strange in my mouth. Then i learnt that without Jesus, I am finished. I learnt my lessons the hard way. Since then till now, I have faced worst challenges especially from my husband, but i took all my pains to the cross and the Lover of my soul Has never left me alone. Jesus saw me through and fought for me. He has given us the victory. Hallelujah!

Today is 21st of May. On the 26th, my son will be 11 months. This date, 2 years back, was when we lost our first son… I had fears but the Lord always made me strong and courageous. Immediately my second son was 10 months, a strong attack came on my marriage. That is when u preached about deception in women’s meeting. You said’that even if we were fools and deceived in the past,we should refuse to fall again and we prayed. God helped me and this time I wasn’t ignorant of the devices of the devil. Right now I am so angry with the devil for what he did in the past. Thank God that He lifted up a standard against all their evil strategies.

Last week I heard a still small voice that told me to go and run a test for my baby. I was like ‘why?’ He is playing fine, eating well and all. So why a test? Immediately, i remembered I also heard this same voice the time my first son was sick, but I ignored it because of same reasons. This time I obeyed. I rushed to the laboratory and they ran the test. They said he has typhoid fever and serious malaria (2+). They also said that his blood level was low. I was shocked because there was no sign @ all. When we got to the hospital, the doctor said he will be admitted but when he saw the way he was playing, he placed him on injections for 3 days. He siad that we should come daily from home. After the treatment my son became worse, He was running very high temperature and was vomiting his food. He looked dehydrated, just the way his brother looked before he gave up. Fear came upon me. Immediately my husband and I joined hands together and prayed. We reminded God of the promise He gave us that nothing shall take this joy away from us. That we are forever free from sorrow and grief (Isaiah 51).

After the prayers our faith grew stronger knowing that the Word of God is ‘Yea and Amen’. We went to run another test in the hospital and they said malaria is nil. But the temperature was still high. The doctor said that I should give him the drugs he gave me. This is how he became well. I know that Jehovah Rapha healed our son. What would have happened if I had not listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit? I discovered that God is love and the Father cares even more than we do.
Thank You LORD JESUS for my life! I wonder how my life would have been if not for JESUS. He is the difference in my life.

This my testimony Malia. This is my story…this is my song… GOD bless you for you’ve been our mother indeed. You never talk nonsense! You give 0% space for the devil. Faith 100%! Doubt 0%! You thought us how to pray; how to trust God in all situations! Because of you I’m a stronger woman in the LORD now. I know I still have many things to learn, but I am willing to pay the price to mature spiritually, just the way you said we should do! I give GOD all d glory Ma. I thank you again,
Your loving daughter…”

This is the Word of God: “I, even I, am He who comforts you” (Is 51:12)

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