“And when the burnt offering began, the song of the Lord also began” (2Chr 29:27)

This is a holy adventure. God sponsors its excitement. I am hearing a new song…It comes in waves of pure love…acceptable to God, angels and men. Worship is like a fragrance coming out from a sacrificial life. Spiritual idleness kills the passion, quenches the fire and the song. We do not like to pass thru trials of faith, but during times of pain, loneliness, misunderstanding and rejection, there is this great opportunity to come to the altar of God, for a fresh revival touch.

The burnt offering is a total sacrifice. The animal is killed and placed on the altar. No man, not even the priest, is permitted to partake from it. It is an offering to God alone. Jehovah will ‘smell’ the unique aroma and accept the sacrifice on behalf of the worshipper.

Love’s ways may seem strange; its price is the highest. But love never fails to multiply its fruit, in heaven and on earth. Quench not the Spirit! Let God rejoice over your offering! Lift up your hands! Worship God just for His pleasure alone! Leave men behind. See the smile of God, rejoicing over you! From this moment on, anything is possible…May the ‘song of the Lord’ begin its journey in your spirit! The worship must continue…

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