“Do not be overrighteous, neither be overwise— why destroy yourself?

Do not be overwicked and do not be a fool— why die before your time?

It is good to grasp the one and not let go of the other.

Whoever fears God will avoid all extremes” (Ecc 7:16-18; NIV)

walking on a rope

Have you seen a man walking on a tight rope? To me and you it seems impossible!  But some men are trained to stay fearless, focused and balanced. They do not look right, left or down! They keep balanced all the way until they cross to the other side. They are the champions we admire!

One of the sure marks of a mature believer is spiritual, emotional and mental balance. Our Lord Jesus Christ was perfectly balanced in all that He did. We should strive to be like Him. We should pay the price for spiritual maturity and divine wisdom. The reward is greater than silver or gold.

This is my testimony: as a young believer I had a tendency to go one way or the other. If I was in a bad mood, I will preach only hell to others. If I was in a good mood, I will preach only. The Holy Spirit helped me to go to the Cross, to die to personal opinions and natural feelings. He established my heart in His grace. The result was spiritual maturity and balanced poise. I could avoid all wicked, religious, dangerous and foolish extremes. With time, I could rebuke a sinner but also encourage a sinner. Nobody could tag me as a trouble maker or a fault finder. Nobody also could say that I am ‘a soft, sweet, prosperity or worldly Christian’. The Holy Spirit helped me to identify sin and giving me the strength to rebuke, to speak the truth in love. The same Spirit helped me to discern something good in the same sinner, to encourage him to move on, to go closer to God.

Divine balanced wisdom cannot be bought with money, learned from a Bible school or borrowed from men. Applying the Word of God daily to all that you do and to all your conversations, will make you wise and strong! If men hate God, they will avoid you. That is ok. But if men really want to hear from God, they will come to you! There is no need to advertise wisdom. It advertises itself! Her children, her fruits will speak well of her! This spiritually balanced mature fruitful wisdom comes only from above, directly from the Wonderful Counselor. This is my counsel: you should strongly desire to be a man or a woman of wisdom! To God be all the glory!


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