Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever!
There are seasons when I long to know the Holy Spirit better. There are other times when I long to know God the Father. Since yesterday, I had a deep longing for my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. I shared my feelings with the congregation this evening. I told the choir that I want to hear the name of Jesus Christ, in songs, in prayer or praise. That is what we did. We just sang praises to the Lamb upon the throne. Until the very atmosphere became charged with the presence of the Holy Spirit. I prepared a sermon but I could not stop the river of life flowing down from the throne of God. So I joined in the celebration. Eternal life has a taste, a sound and a feel. We experienced all these during the service.

Lastly, we all sang:
“Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, because He lives, all fear is gone,
Because I know He holds my future, my life is worth a living just because
Christ lives!”


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