“Bless the Lord, O my soul;

And all that is within me, bless His holy name! (Ps 103:1)

This evening in the church we praised the Lord nonstop for two hours. I told the congregation that there are many things we can do in one hour. We can spend it in eating, sleeping, reading or visiting people. But the best way to spend one hour of your life on earth is in the presence of God. The best investment you can make, the highest value you can get for one hour is to dedicate it to praise and worship God. The second best is prayer.  Any other thing, no matter how good, is below.

So we decided to increase the value of our lives. First of all we prayed to be filled with the Holy Spirit. We received power as the Holy Ghost fell upon us. We then praised God with all that is within us. From one song to another, dancing and clapping, the Holy Spirit led us on. One thing is clear: praise is a sacrifice. It is not easy to praise God. It is not just singing. It moves the whole being: body, soul and spirit. Another thing is clear: lazy people cannot praise God. It is a privilege to praise God. It is the right and duty of the children of God. Not everybody can praise God. So we, who can do it, must do it!


Just before the evening service, I was informed that a sister who attends our church is on admission in the hospital with her 15 years old daughter. The sister lost her husband about two months ago. Now her daughter is sick. The doctor diagnosed appendicitis saying he will perform the surgery tomorrow. That is why he admitted mother and daughter. I held hands with Pastor Trish, just before the service and we prayed that God will intervene and heal her by Himself. As we praised God I forgot about the problem. All I remembered was The Lamb upon the Throne! At the end of the service, after two hours of praise, the mother phoned and said that the doctor came again this evening, examined the daughter and changed his mind. He said that there is no need to surgery. This ‘little’ testimony is just one good thing following the praise that touched heaven tonight. The praise must continue tomorrow and forever!

Praise the Lord!

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