“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand” (PV 19:21)

God is not an influence. God is a Person. God has His own mind, His own plans. Men make theirs, but it is God’s purpose that prevails against theirs. That is why it is good that in every situation you pray first of all to know God’s mind. You should not go ahead and make plans by yourself, waiting for God to bless them. It will not work!

In Hebrew, the word ‘plans’ means to plot, to conceive something in your mind, the effort to think, to imagine or to invent.  People who have the gift of curiosity always invent something new in their mind. They are the poets and the artists. We admire them but there is a danger. They imagine themselves to be wealthy, to live abroad or to marry someone rich and famous. They live in a dream land until they are cut off from reality. This is a very dangerous road. Many have perished in their reckless paths.

The truth is that God has His plans about us, about me and you. His plans are good and not evil. But we hate His plans if they are different than ours. But remember! No one can fight God and win! God’s plan and purpose shall ‘stand’ and all other plans shall bow down in failure. The Word of God shall accomplish the purpose for which it has been sent. If God seem silent now, it is because He waits for you to repent, to come to Him and align with His eternal plans for your life.

This is my testimony: There was a time I thought of myself as a very intelligent person. I (quietly) boasted of my achievements. I had many plans for my future. I thought I can achieve my goals without God. I tried to reason without prayer. I tried to sing without a voice. I failed! And thank God I failed! That is how I met my wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ! His plans for my life are too wonderful for me to write down in English or any language. Christ has now become my wisdom. I can freely boast of Him!

This is my counsel: If you are worried about someone who is going astray, someone you pray for, I say this to you! Take your eyes from that person or the surrounding circumstances. Look up unto Jesus and you shall see total victory and joy in His plans for that person. God is able to stop a fugitive! God is able to arrest a backslider! God is able to change the heart of that stubborn man! God is able to stop that woman who runs towards hell. Jesus has the keys of both life and death. Jesus is the Judge of all the earth and He has the last say in all human affairs! Stand on God’s side and you shall never fall! Have peace! Be strong! In Jesus name, Amen!

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