“Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart” (Col 4;2)

Our generator was giving us problems. It will just stop from time to time. We called the mechanic and he did all he knew trying to fix it. But the problem persisted for about two weeks. This is a new generator and it is not supposed to have a problem like this. Yesterday the Holy Spirit said to me: “The generator has a small fault but they did not see it”. I called Bro. Goddey and prayed with him. That the eyes of the mechanic will open to see the little fault. This morning everybody was praising God for the answer to the prayer has come. A little piece of the fuel filter, as small as a coin, was ‘dirty’. They washed it and placed it back. That was all! The generator has been working non stop since morning without any complain. Praise the LORD!

Lessons to learn:
God knows everything!
Nothing is too big or too little for God!
God is the greatest Mechanic!
We should pray always about everything!
We should have an alert mind waiting for the miracle to come!
We should be ready to give all the glory to God with thanksgiving!


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