I just received a letter from a Christian sister. She and her husband are a young couple. They lost their first born child. God had mercy on them. She just discovered she is pregnant again. Her husband was ‘rough’ in the past and they had a lot of issues in their marriage. But both of them re-dedicated their lives and marriage to Jesus Christ. Since then things have changed into better. She is so happy that she cannot contain her joy. This change in their marriage is the work of God. I live in Nigeria since 1980 so I can say this: most Nigerian men are not romantic or helpful in the house. They will not like to do ‘the woman’s work’. This is the culture. Things are changing but generally to hear a man brining breakfast to his wife in bed… that is very rare (sorry, brothers!)

Amazing grace how sweet thou sound! I always love to see the devil defeated! I am so happy to see the light shining in the darkness and love in action as the gift of God. To God be all the glory! Thank You Lord Jesus!


Good morning Ma! This kind of love God is showing me these days makes me scared. I don’t know how to put it…The first thing I want to say how my husband has changed…He is so good now…Initially I thought that maybe he has gotten a woman pregnant outside the home…I wanted to be angry with his love…But I discovered that he is not tired of the love. He now cares for me and assists me with things in the home. He never did that in the past. He makes breakfast for me while I am still sleeping and comes to dish the food for me in the bed. I don’t understandoooo…He rented a shop for me and he is working on it as if it is his own. He is becoming too much of a husband in every aspect. I prayed and asked God: ‘is that my husband?’

God is faithful. He has provided all we need, and peace on all sides. I just did a test at home. It is positive. I am pregnant Mummy! I am just shouting Jesus Jesus!!! The truth is that I’ve never seen this type of love and peace all my life. Psalm 23 is my Portion right now. I read it daily. God is truly faithful. He promised to change our sorrows into joy. Now I don’t remember my sorrows anymore because life now is too sweet. I never knew that I can enjoy such love from God in my life. I was undone; a sinner saved by grace. Who am I? I am nothing before God. And yet, so full of joy! I don’t know what is happening right now to me…such joy…I can’t wait for my husband to come back home to tell him the good news because this has been his prayer for me, to be pregnant again. I feel like hugging you Ma! Thank you for standing with me all these years! Thank you for making me a stronger woman of God! God bless you Malia!”

“And from His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace” (Jn 1:16)

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