I just received a letter from a beautiful girl in Lagos. I know her since she was a child. She is now 16 years old, a committed Christian. She has just finished her secondary school, now preparing for her exam to enter into University. She is a shy and beautiful girl. To my surprise she said that she feels ugly. I encouraged and prayed for her. Any more words of wisdom and encouragement will be appreciated for she will read your comments. Let’s help this weak lamb of Christ. Thank you dear family of God!

“Dear Malia,
I am sorry to bother you. I have been getting so much insult from people who I know and don’t know. They keep calling me an ugly girl. My picture is on fb and they say I am ugly. Well, I have recited some scriptures but I still hurt. Please tell me what to do. Please pray for me and tell me what to do to encourage myself
Your daughter…”

First of all I can say to you that you are a beautiful girl! This is because God created you just like that! God and me we say that you are beautiful. The devil and others say that you are ugly. You have to choose whom do you believe! You are a child of God. Have peace in your soul! If you go to the hospitals you see people, who are sick, some are blind and some are cripple. But they still thank God that they are alive. You need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Then the devil will have no space to enter. I will place your prayer request on my fb wall and read what other children of God will say to you. I too felt like that when I was your age. But now I feel happy with the way God created me. You too will change. The future is better than your present and past. I wait for you to tell me that you are better!

This is what Jesus says to you:
“My darling, you are so beautiful!
Oh, you are beautiful!” (SS 4:1)
I hope this is enough to make you the happiest girl in the world!

Love in Christ alone,

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