This is a letter I received from a young brother in Christ. It is a sample of many similar letters. Many Christian men and women struggle before finding the will of God for them, as they prepare for marriage. Dear child of God, may you be encouraged too! God loves you and He is interested in every details of your life, big or small. Let God’s perfect will be done in your life! Let God be the foundation of your marriage and home! in Jesus name, amen!

“Good morning Mar’, my name is…, Mar’ during the course of my national service at Anambra state, I met a lady who is so independent and God fearing… During our time we spent with each other she opened up her feelings for me that she will like to spend her life time with me. For me, she is someone I also like to be with because I see many things which we can do together. I have not been in any relationship for the past 2 years now, which I said any relationship am going into now is for the course of marriage. But am so afraid Mar! I don’t know if it’s her love that she confesses to me that is making me to love her back, or because of her personality… Each time I make up my mind to move on with her I find some physical discouragement which I know if I should follow physical things I will fail. Please Mar I need advice and prayers on how to go about this matter since we are not so strong now. I don’t want any lady to say I broke her heart. Thanks Mar’…”

This is part of my answer to him:
“This is a simple matter. You need God! Confusion and fear is of the devil. There are only two options, not twenty. This lady is God’s will for you to marry or not. There is no middle ground. Before moving on with any relationship you need to find the will of God in it. To peace, joy and success, God has to be the foundation of any relationship or marriage. It is only with God as foundation that any relationship can last and prosper. Right now, It is not important what you feel or what you do not feel for her. It is not important what she says to you. The physical attraction is important but not over- important. Your first need right now is to find the Will of God in this proposal, for only God knows your future and your destiny. So pray! I do mean to think about prayer, but indeed PRAY! Bring the relationship before God! Place it on the altar of God. You are a child of God! That is the right thing for you to do! After you pray, then WAIT for God to speak, for He will surely speak! God is not the author of confusion but of peace! God hates foolishness but he wants you to be wise in Christ. God does not give us the spirit of fear but of power, love and sound mind! Lastly whatever God says, that you shall do! God loves you more than any man or woman loves you! Trust and obey God! Give God all the glory! In Jesus name, amen!”
“So don’t be foolish, but understand what the Lord wants” (Eph 5:17)

(If you have any godly advice for this brother in need, just comment bellow. He will read it. Thank you and God bless you)

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