“Peter began to be conscious of an irresistible influence. It was greater than anything he had known; more urgent; more definite; an immense longing, and side by side with it, and immense self revelation. He was taken completely by surprise; he had no time to fight against it; he saw himself and he was ashamed. The secrets of his selfish life were dragged to light and they bowed him down till he ached with the burden of them. And all at once he knew that a Hand was help out to him, that there, undreamed of, unexplained, was God, and a chance of heaven.
He did not hesitate. He did not doubt; it was much too real for doubt. The church service on the radio was over; he rose from his chair and went upstairs to his bedroom. There, at his bedside, with a child’s trust, he took the Hand that was offered him and, devoid of faith as he was, prayed that faith might be given him. He knew that his prayer was heard, for an extraordinary sense of gladness came to him; he felt a buoyancy, a gladness, a singing at the heart. His wife looked at him curiously when he went down again, but he could not talk about it yet. It was something too precious for question or argument.
Dear God…the wonder of it! The loving wonder of it!
Thus it was that Peter Rawlings found God in the shadows. Thus it was that God the Builder cleared a site for re-building. And God the Gardner was biding His time, and the sleeping Seed was waiting His Word to awaken”

(These wonderful words are taken from the Book God in the Shadows, by Hugh Redwood. I highly recommend it. It is the autobiographical story of a backslider who came back to God)

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