This evening we had a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord. We had the ‘women fellowship’ in our church. Five sisters shared their testimonies.
Sister H said that last Sunday morning, as they were coming to church, her 5 years old daughter suddenly jumped on the main street. A fast car passed by, millimeters from her. Her daughter could have died on the spot. The angel of the Lord protected her. Today Is her birthday. She is 5 years old, happy and well.
Sister A said that God healed her daughter miraculously of acute appendicitis. She was supposed to do surgery, but they told the nurse to wait! The medical team had to wait until the parents prayed. After the prayer the parents had faith saying that their daughter does not need surgery because ‘her body belongs to the Lord’. This event happened 4-5 months ago. She was healed. Since then she had no pain again.
Sister B said that her 6 weeks old baby girl was to be dedicating last Wednesday. The baby started crying on and on for no good reason. All attempts to pacify her were in vain. She was worried how she will dedicate her baby screaming like this. They cane to church. Immediately they stepped into the sanctuary, the baby stopped crying and became calm. I am a witness for I carried the baby in my arms for the dedication. She was quiet and happy like an angel.
Sister R leads the Prison and Helps ministry in our church. Today they went to the prisons to preach to the inmates. The devil tried to stop the outreach but he failed. Pastor Leigh preached that it is better to be in the prison and alive, than on the streets and killed. He said that the only true freedom is to be found in Christ alone. Many prisoners gave their life to Christ. There is joy in heaven today because of Warri, Nigeria!
Sister E said that after her first baby died unexpectedly, she thought that she will never be happy again. But God changed her sorrow into joy. She is the happy mother of a year old handsome baby boy called Noah.

All these testimonies were given to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil and for the encouragement of all who heard them.
I sensed that there was a great anointing for healing in the service. We prayed for the sisters who trust God for the fruit of the womb. More testimonies shall follow soon…
“And the power of the Lord was with Jesus to heal the sick.” (Lk 5:17)
Jesus, Lord, You are beautiful!

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