The prayer meeting started slowly. Maybe it was the rain outside that made some people spiritually cold. Maybe it was an attack. Only God only knows. But long ago we made a vow to God that each time we come to church we must seek God’s face until He reveals Himself to us. We praised and we worshipped until the atmosphere changed. We became hungrier for the Word. Then the message came.

What does it mean to pray in Jesus name?
“If you ask anything in My name, I will do it” (Jn 14:14)
This promise is so simple. Even a child can understand it. Then why does God not answer it more often when we pray? The asking is the easy part. What we stumble at is ‘in My name’. We do not understand what it means to pray ‘in Jesus name’. The following is a simple story that helps us to understand the authority we have as children of God to pray in the name of Jesus!
It is like a poor man going to Zenith Bank. All he has in that bank is 10 naira. His child is sick and he needs 1000 naira for the doctor. He writes a personal cheque with his name for 1000 naira. He presents it to the cashier. The Bank refuses to give him the money for he does not have that amount in his account. Even if he begs or screams and tells the bank officials that his child is sick, they will not give him the money.
The police arrest him for trouble making. They beat him and send him home. His child is still sick. He almost gives up. Then a stranger comes and gives him a cheque for 1000 naira in His name. The name of the stranger is Jesus Christ. He tells him that each time he has a need , he should ask and He will come back and supply. The poor man is not sure if that cheque will be honored. He has no other option. He goes back to the same Bank. The bank officials insult him at the gate. (When you learn to use the name of Jesus, the demons will mock and hinder you). But he ignores their insults and goes in. he presents the cheque signed by Jesus. The bank official looks at his computer. He discovers that under the name of Jesus are millions upon millions. Jesus has unlimited credit with the bank of heaven. They give him the 1000 naira and they even bow to him. It does not matter if he has money or not in his account. Pastor Tony added that even the Bank manager comes to bow down to this poor man.

This is the difference between asking in your name, using your self-confidence and asking in the authority of the name of Jesus, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. I have to depend on the merits of Christ. If I depend on my righteousness no money shall be given to me, no matter how much I beg. But the grace and provision of my Lord is limitless!

We ended the prayer meeting with thanksgiving for God’s Word and God’s Spirit.

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