“But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light. For this reason it says, “Awake, sleeper, And arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you.” (Eph 5:13, 14)

From time to time I meet believers who are under demonic spells. They need help and deliverance. But mostly they need to hear the truth and wake up from the bewitching slumber. Truth is like cold water in the morning. It is not pleasant but it will do you good! The normal adult needs eight hours of sleep daily to stay healthy. Many have difficulty waking up early in the morning. These are some of the causes: you do not sleep enough; you drink too much coffee or tea in the evenings; you hate the things you do in the mornings; depression and other sicknesses.

What can you do to wake up easier in the morning? You need to get up from the bed immediately you hear the alarm. The longer you stay in bed, the greater the temptation to fall back to sleep. Do not worship sleep! Go to the bathroom and take a (cold) shower. Put on the light. Sleep hates the light but you need to wake up! You also need a good plan for the mornings, something to make you happy. For example, do you remember, as a child, if you have a bad teacher you will not like to wake up to go to school? But if in the morning you plan to go on vacation, you will wake up early, quickly and excited. Spiritually it is the same. The devil brings negative thoughts, fears and depression. These are spiritual arrows and attacks. Sleep is like a drug. That is why going to sleep you will not like to wake up, so that you do not have to face these terrible thoughts.

Sleep in the natural is the same as spiritual slumber. If an evil person places a spell on you, your spirit just goes to sleep. You become like the ‘sleeping beauty’. The mind, the spirit becomes dull and passive. This may be the result of demonic attack. Lack of vision or fears of tomorrow, these are common reasons why you will not like to wake up from the spiritual slumber. It is like you close your eyes hoping the tragedy or the pain will go away. But you need to wake up and stand to fight the battle to free your soul! Do not hide behind food or sleep. It is your duty to do spiritual warfare. Child of God, I encourage you! Stand up! Take the whole armor of God and fight back! May your body soul and spirit wake up and shine for all to see Christ on you! Pray in the Spirit! Pray in your language! But wake up and pray! Pray to be like God who does not sleep or slumbers! God will glorify Himself in you! This is a new season! You cannot afford to be sleepy, lazy or weak!  God loves you!   God will help you! I trust God for you!

2 comments on “TOO MUCH SLEEP

  1. Gloria says:

    Whao! This is just what I needed and have been telling myself for a couple of days now… Holy Spirit You are so sweet. Thank you ma for this post. Feeling so blessed for the opportunity to read & hear this.

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