“But as for me and my house, we will serve The Lord” (Josh 14:15)

After three weeks of wonderful vacation we are back home. Someone asked me: ‘are you happy to go back home?’ The question may be necessary because the vacation was spent in America and my home is in Nigeria. Outwardly, the difference is great. America is beautiful! Coming home means facing the many challenges of life we meet daily in Africa. But still, home is home.

One reason why I love my home is because here, I feel safe and happy. I know my pots and pans. I know where my favorite coffee cup is in the morning. At home, I have many options when facing the challenges of life. For example, if the electric power goes off, we start the generator. If the generator fails we put on the torch lights. If those fail, there is always the faithful candle. But when we travel, I do not have so many options. I am limited at what I can do; I depend on people to help me. I have to ask too many questions just to survive. This is the truth: I feel more helpless outside my home.

But the best reason why my home is sweet, it is because here, is the place where I can serve The Lord easier. I know where my Bible is. I know the music on my CDs. My heart is more at peace here than anywhere else. I feel that The Holy Spirit finds me easier at home. There are no distractions, no surprises. Vacations are good for a change of environment, for refreshing the mind. But, I am blessed to have a little place on this earth I call home. Yes, I am happy to come back home!

I am now getting excited… From tomorrow morning, dear Holy Spirit, let’s start our fellowship afresh. The worship will continue! Let the river flow! We shall serve The Lord! Welcome home, Lord!

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