“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone” (Rom 12:18)

Peace is more than the absence of war. Peace is internal. It is the blessed state of your soul when you are quiet and emotionally stable. You are free from the attack of wild emotions, oppressive lustful thoughts, depressive feelings and negative self- manipulations. Peace is not found in religion. It is not found among men. Peace is found only in a personal relationship with God thru Jesus Christ. Jesus gives His own peace to His children. It is a royal gift and seal from the Prince of peace.

First of all you need to make peace with God. That is the beginning of your testimony. Then you make peace with yourself. Lastly you make peace with others and with your environment. The children of God are called ‘peace makers’ (Mt 5:9). To be called a child of God you must receive Christ in your heart as your Savior and as your Lord. Then you have peace with God. The Holy Spirit will witness to that peace.

But here there is a problem. Few believers go ahead and make peace with themselves. They continue the war against themselves. Take note: For as long as you quarrel and argue with yourself, you shall have no peace. For as long as you criticize and daily judge yourself, you shall have no peace. For as long as you raise the standard too high to yourself, you shall have no peace! For as long as you enjoy fighting yourself, stirring unnecessary emotional dust, you shall have no peace. For as long as you refuse to settle with yourself you shall have no peace! When you continue to see yourself as your own enemy, as your god or as your judge, you shall have no peace. All inferiority complexes come from fighting within that creates internal divisions. Un-forgiveness is a curse and poisons the soul. How can there be peace?  Life will be hard and trouble will follow.

Child of God, there is a solution! Go to Jesus Christ who will deliver you! Take a moment and think about yourself! Why are you so easily upset? Why do men so easily provoke you? Read the Word of God! Make peace! Love peace! Raise the white flag of peace to your own soul. Settle with yourself! Forgive yourself! Accept yourself! Love yourself! Be your own best friend! This peace is possible! This peace depends on you! Why not do it today?

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