“He sought God in the days of Zechariah, who had understanding in the visions of God; and as long as he sought the Lord, God made him prosper… So his fame spread far and wide, for he was marvelously helped till he became strong” (2Chr 26:5, 15)

This is the story of King Uzziah. He started well and but he ended badly. God prospered him but he became proud and fell from that position of grace. He died a leprous man, isolated from God and man. In this letter, we are concerned with the way he became strong, wealthy and famous. The principles he applied to become prosperous are eternal and can be applied even today. Just keep in mind that you need to remain humble even when you become financially blessed. Then you shall be safe.

The general spiritual principle to become prosperous revealed in the Bible is this: Seek God first and all good things shall be added to you (Mt 6:33). What does it mean to seek God? In Hebrew, the word ‘seek’ means to actively inquire, to diligently search for something valuable as if it is lost. It means to ask questions until you find the way to the precious treasure. This seeking does not stop until you find God, until you have an encounter with the Living God. That is possible only in Christ Jesus and with the aid of the Holy Spirit.

It is interesting to know that King Uzziah sought God ‘in the days of Zachariah’ who was a prophet and also his teacher and his mentor. To seek God is a decision you make. Then you pay the price to seek God. The basic things you need to do is to study the Bible and to pray. You need to practically apply your knowledge of the Word of God in your daily life. Another thing you should do is to attend a good living church. It helps if you know a true servant of God who can mentor you along the way, who can cover you with prayers as you mature spiritually. Learn from the mistakes of others. King Uzziah became proud only after the death of Zechariah. Nobody dared to correct him when he was wrong. You need to submit to a spiritually mature servant of God who has the right to correct you when you need that ministry. My husband who is also my pastor has corrected me many times. It is not easy to be rebuked for wrong doing. But it is necessary. God bless and reward him for that difficult ministry from which I profited a lot!

Believe God’s promise: If you seek God you shall prosper! This is the ancient holy and proven recipe to true success in life. In Hebrew, the word ‘success’ it means to be able to move on in life, to experience spiritual and financial breakthroughs and to be profitable. Success is the enemy of failure and stagnancy. The result is that your light will start to shine. Your fame and the area of your authority will spread giving you a platform to give God all the glory for your success.

This is another promise: If you seek God, He will help you ‘marvelously’. This is a supernatural miraculous help to protect you in the midst of your success. It is not easy to be wealthy. God will surround you as a shield and none of your enemies will be able to destroy you. God will use you to proclaim His grace and power and His love to men on earth. God will use you to increase His Kingdom and to be a blessing to many. Your eternal reward will be even greater than your finances on earth. Your testimony is sure and sealed by God.

May these words impact your spirit today! May you trust and obey God! May the blessings of Christ be your portion to you and to your family! In Jesus name, amen!

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