I received a letter from a sister in Christ. She was attending Father ‘s House Bible Church here in Warri, Nigeria. She has moved with her husband to America. They attend a legalistic church. In that church they do not believe in the Holy aspiring or the gifts of the Spirit. This church was her husband’s choice. She has been praying for a move of the Spirit both in their lives and in that church. Last Sunday, the miracle happened. Read and let your faith increase. God hears the prayers of a His children! May the Holy Spirit refresh you today!

“Dear Malia,
I wanted to share what happened last Sunday morning at our church. My husband and I were seated in church, on this particular Sunday the assistant Pastor preached. As we worshiped and praised God the atmosphere in the church changed, at least my spirit was heightened with expectation. as usual. The Pastor invited the Spirit. Oh yeah, the title of his sermon was ‘no words spoken’ taken from the scriptures about the woman who came to the place where Jesus was at diner in the house of the pharisee, ‘the Alabaster Box’. As the sermon was preached, suddenly, the Pastor closed his i pad and began to move in the anointing of the Spirit, the whole church was electrified. I stood up and started to praise God. I was not the only one, there were many, but not all. Then the Pastor did something never done at the church since I have been coming. He invited those who want to accept the gift of salvation to raise hands and then to stand. Well, the Pastor called all who wanted to be touched, those who needed healing, anyone who felt the call of God on their lives… he just kept saying ‘no words spoken’. At first no one came, the whole church was uncannily silent. Then all of a sudden a young man from the back of the church came running to the altar ( the sanctuary ). He was broken and crying out as he bowed at the altar. Well, then another ran down, then another, then another, and another until there was no more room to stand at the altar. I was not alone in my rejoicing and shouting of praises to the glory of God, we were many, but not all.
As people tried to come to the altar, the ushers held them back, the space at the alter is so small, one could not even kneel in front of your seats or in the aisle.
i could not get to the altar, but the anointing flowed to those who were in His presence, many, but not all. Then the Pastor started singing and praising God. He was brought to tears, sincere tears! He said that before he came to deliver his sermon that morning, that He would be used in a different way in this service.

Would you believe that some were seated and never seemed to know His presence? I thank God for the Holy Spirit! I thank God that I know Him! I thank God that I was taught the truth! At the end of the service the Pastor led all that had come to salvation to Christ! Then he sang, ‘ I surrender’. I believe that revival starts within each person and then it spreads only if our hearts and spirits receive the anointing. This was a touch that I will never forget. There is more, but I have said a lot for now.
Please, give my sincere greeting to the brethren there. When are you moving to the new sanctuary?

Let me end by saying that i am grateful for the teaching and the anointing that i received at Father’s House Bible Church Warri, Nigeria! I ALWAYS CARRY IT AS TREASURE IN MY HEART. To God be the glory!
Love in Him…”

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