“In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe filled the temple” (Is 6:1)

For the past two months three top traditional rulers died in Nigeria. God is speaking to us. We are praying for revival. This evening we came to God’s presence seeking God. There are great lessons found in Isaiah six.

Isaiah six is a reminder that God is the Living God. We rejected the evil spirit of religion that tells us that coming to church means nothing God. Here we see the prophet Isaiah’s re-commission. He was already a prophet. In chapter six we see that he has an encounter with the Living God. This vision happened in the year that King Uzziah died. That was about 740bc. The heavens opened. The first thing he saw was the Lord Jesus Christ seated on the throne. He did not see the streets of gold or other things in heaven. Just like John, the first thing he saw was the Lamb upon the throne. No man has seen God the Father (Jn 1:18). The train of God’s robe filled the temple. The size of the robe signifies the majesty of the king.

He then saw seraphim above the throne. These are fiery angels. Each had six wings. These are strange heavenly creatures. The first pair of wings was to cover their faces. This is to show respect for God. It also shows the fear of God manifested in heaven for ‘no man can see God and live’ (Ex 33:20). The second pair of wings was to cover their bodies. This shows humility for no one should be seen except God. The third pair of wings is used for flying. Maybe they look like hummingbirds flying in the air. They look active and excited to serve God. There is no laziness and no sadness around the throne. The seraphim worship God, calling one to another “Holy! Holy! Holy!” It is interesting that they did not worship God saying “Merciful! Merciful! Merciful! or Loving! Loving! Loving!”

Holiness is the most important attribute of God. It means to be pure, different, unique, hating sin and totally separated from His creation. The three times calling ‘Holy’ refers to the trinity. The voice of the angels shakes the foundation of the building and even Isaiah’s soul. Immediately he sees himself as he is, a sinner saved by grace. Truth humbles the prophet. ‘Woe to me’ means ‘I am not God’. It means ‘I am dead’. God sends one of the angels with a live coal taken from the altar of incense to cleanse the lips of Isaiah and to purge his sin. This is a symbol of the work of Jesus Christ, for only Him can forgive sins. Forgiven and free, Isaiah offers himself as a living sacrifice to go and preach the Gospel of the One seated on the throne. This is an act of worship (Rom 12:1).

Isaiah said ‘I saw the Lord’. The Hebrew word is Adonai. This is one of God’s names. In Hebrew it means to rule, the sovereign Controller of the universe, the Lord, the Owner or the Master of slaves. As a slave, Isaiah surrenders to his Master and is ready to be sent to work for Him. Later he says that he saw The Lord of Hosts. In Hebrew it means Jehovah Sabaoth. In Hebrew, Jehovah means I AM, the self-existing God, the God of the covenant and of Israel. The word Sabaoth means a great army ready for battle, for hardship or worship.

There is a similar picture in Revelation chapter 4. John sees the Lamb upon the throne. There is worship around the throne. The elders surrender their crowns, the rewards they received in heaven for work done on earth. No one approaches the throne casually. No man enters the presence of God giggling. No one comes before the throne and gives a ‘high five’ to Jesus! The fear of God is all around the throne.  May the fear of God fall on us today!


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