“The flour jar did not become empty, and the oil jug did not run dry, according to the word of the LORD He had spoken through Elijah” (1Kg 17:16)
olive oil
For more than a year a dear sister in the church regularly, faithfully and quietly brings me a gallon of olive oil. For all this time I did not have to buy cooking oil with my money. The most interesting part is that she ‘knows’ when the oil is getting finished. Before the last drop is used, she supplies another gallon. It is surely the Holy Spirit using her and reminding her at just the right time to bring more oil. God will reward her for her kindness!
This is a great lesson for me. God knows everything. He knows when things start, when things are used and when they are getting finished. His promise of supply comes just in time. Not too much, not too little, not too early and never too late. This sister did not send many gallons at once for me to be tempted to sell the oil and make money. The provision is just enough for the present needs in my home. There shall be no waste of resources with God. His promise is that my store, my life will never be empty or dry! In Hebrew these words mean the following: destroyed, expired, fail, faint, waste, want, bereaved, to decrease or to lack. As a believer I cannot experience these things! By the grace of God I shall experience the opposite: I shall have more than enough to be generous in every occasion, to the glory of God!
This is a great lesson for us all: Fear Not! God is faithful to His promises! If you are waiting on God and you are praying for food, money or other resources be assured that God knows all about it. As a child of God, He wants you to trust Him daily. For a child of God, life is a walk of faith. God gives you breath without money. Why will He not generously give you other good things? He will! He has never failed in the past and He will not start now! God knows His job. God supplies the needs and also supplies the answer to your needs. Pray to God and then wait for the answer. Just vow to give God all the glory for the generous, more than imagined supply!
(In the picture is what was left from the old gallon and the new one supplied yesterday)

2 comments on “NEVER EMPTY OR DRY

  1. loriloganvance says:

    I was just singing a song this morning, “You supply all of my needs.” It was a song I made up and just kept singing that same line over and over. God knows that my family’s financial need is great. This morning I was tempted to get depressed about our situation, but I chose to sing a song of worship and thanksgiving. It was a struggle at first. My flesh wants to feel the money in my hands before I rejoice. But I sang by faith! God will supply all of our financial needs at the exact right time! I will wait on the Lord and He will strengthen me!

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