“”The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes…a king’s heart is a water stream that the LORD controls; He directs it wherever He pleases” (PV 21:1)

God is sovereign. He is in charge of all His creation. He controls everything, especially the hearts of human beings. The heart of the kings is ‘in the hand of God’. When you read ‘kings’ it does not means only the royal class. It also means the believers in Christ who are ‘kings and priests unto our God’. ‘Kings’ are leaders with higher authority than other men. They have the right to rule, make decisions, punish or reward. This is the truth:  God directs the hearts of men. In Hebrew, the word means to stretch, to spread out, to bow down, to turn aside, to offer a gift or cause to yield. Only God can make a greedy man to be generous; a coward to be bold like a lion; a reckless adventurer to become a prudent, wise man; a proud person to become a humble worshipper and a stubborn one to become faithful and obedient. No man can change the heart of another man. No man can change himself. The wife cannot directly change her husband and the husband cannot change his wife! Only God does that!

This is a practical application and my testimony. My husband is my ‘king’. I shall use my experience as a wife (of 41 years) to encourage other younger wives. I see here that the heart of my husband is not in his hands. I see here that there are two hearts (two wills): my husband’s own (a small one) and the heart of God (the bigger one). It is wrong for me to try to touch, to bend, to influence or to manipulate my husband’s will (heart). Over the years I have learned to touch God’s heart on behalf of my husband. This way, my love for him is always holy, easy and safe.

The heart of kings is like a river. The water stream is always mysterious. Trying to control the river can have terrible results. Let the river be! Let the river go where it wants to go!

There are three main sources that supply water to the rivers. The first one is the snow from the mountains, when it melts in the springtime. Spiritually, the coldness of my husband’s attitude can melt with the kiss of the Holy Spirit sunshine. As I pray for him, what was hard becomes soft and gentle. Another source of water for the rivers is the rain. Spiritually speaking, the more I praise God for the life of my husband, the more the rain of prosperity comes and the river of blessings (his heart) will be full with love for God and for me, his wife. Lastly, the river is supplied with water from the underground streams.  This also is a spiritual picture. The more I go into the secret place and pray for my husband (when he does not see me), the more the power of resurrection life supplies water to my husband’s heart. This manifests as totally unexpected happiness, blessings and miraculous anointing for ministry. This proves the grace of God upon our marriage.

Lastly, I want to say this: I always expect supernatural events and miracles in our lives and ministries. I am just a human being. For me, a river can only flow downwards. But God can make rivers to go up on the mountain. For nothing is impossible for God! Let the miracle of healing, freedom, prosperity be manifested in your lives today!

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