I just received this letter from one of the young men in our church.

“Good morning Ma’am.

During the period of the passing over to the new place I have been gripped with one kind fear , fear of armed robbers coming into our house, fear that something will happen to my family as they are coming home from the market, plenty different fears , fear that when I am driving police will stop me for what I don’t even know, then the most gripping one is fear that Effurun boys will break into the new site of our church, just plenty nonsense fears…

I became lean spiritually, I sought the face of God , and waited with hope that on Saturday class God may give a solution to conquer this fear, …. I came to church last night with one heart. “Oh Lord I want to see you and know what is needed to know to conquer this fear”

In the midst of the service, it was like fire, water, oil, and the blood of Jesus, together poured on my clothes the stain stuck and the fear swallowed …I got a deep understanding of the word of God ” Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil:” I asked myself even if the worst happens, I will not turn back or relent in my chase after God…After this miracle, the blessings and assurance of God overshadowed my senses. I felt free…I didn’t have the power to not share it with you to the Glory of God in Jesus name Amen.

Your son in Christ…”

My answer to him:

Thank God for everything! You can see that all our problems are basically spiritual. If we do not deal with them with spiritual means provided for us in the Bible, we may fall into the natural trials and temptations. The Effurun boys shall come to church, not to steal and rob, but to give their lives to Christ. “There is no fear in Love for perfect love drives away all fears” (1Jn 4:18). You are a child of God! Love God and man! Then you shall be fear free!

Love in Christ alone,


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