A young man in his early thirties who attends our church was killed by armed robbers last night. He was walking home when some criminals came in a ke-ke asking for his cell phone. We do not know the details but they shot him in the abdomen. He was rushed to a hospital, had emergency surgery but died this morning. He leaves behind a young wife (who is pregnant) and a two years old daughter. They were in the church yesterday when we had our Holy Communion service.

Please pray especially for the wife! That her faith will not fail! Pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort and help her and her daughter in these difficult times.

And for all of us, let’s read Psalm 91, the eternal Word of God that stands forever! May God strengthen and encourage the Body of Christ in Father’s House Bible Church, Warri, Nigeria! May God be worshiped forever! We declare that Jesus Christ is Lord!

PRAISE REPORT (the next day)

This is good news! In the midst of darkness , the light of God shines! This morning we prayed that God will glorify Himself in this painful situation! We prayed that what the devil meant for bad, God will turn it into good! This testimony is given to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil and for the encouragement of the believers!
Some sisters came this afternoon to give me the testimony concerning the young widow. She was better today. She was still weeping but she insisted to take care of her daughter. She fed her baby by herself. She told the sisters from the church who are there to visit her that something special happened at the hospital. The husband survived the surgery. When he became conscious he asked to see his wife and daughter. He then blessed them. He then removed his marriage ring and gave it back to her. He made peace with God and with his family. He told them he is ready to go to God. He prayed and he died in perfect peace. This window of grace was given to him by God so that he can settle his soul and confirm the testimony of salvation. He did it to eliminate any doubts. As a church, we also have peace that, by the grace of God, he died as a believer in Christ. To God be all the glory!

Psalm 91

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