(Fasting and prayer Day 9)
“For when we were still without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly” (Rom 5:6)
This is one of the most beautiful and encouraging scriptures. In the Bible, a sinner is also called an unbeliever. Such a man is ‘without strength’. His mind is weak for he is not able to think or mediate about God. His emotions are weak because he cannot feel, love or worship God. His will is weak for even when he is under conviction, he cannot decide to surrender his life to God. His conscience is weak because even when he knows that his actions are evil, he cannot stop them. In Greek, the word ‘weak’ is ‘asthenia’. This is a medical condition. It describes someone who loses physical strength. Spiritually, it means to be powerless to save or to change yourself! Do you know how weak you are without God?
This is my testimony: I remember the time just before I got saved. It was a time of holy horror! Before then, I was a successful medical doctor, wife and mother. I made money and fame. I had many friends and hobbies. I did not believe in God. I lived like there is no tomorrow, heaven or hell. I was a proud unbeliever and a self-righteous person. I was sure that ‘I can make it on my own’ and I do not need God. But the time came when the Holy Spirit ‘got me’. He convicted me of my sins in a way that only God can do it. Ashamed, I painfully agreed that I am a sinner, an ungodly person. I finally surrendered my life to Christ. Humiliated, I prayed to Jesus, that He should have mercy and save me. Jesus came into my heart and filled it with His sweet and powerful Spirit. Before then, I wanted to repent and change, but I could not. I wanted to become a friend of God but I could not. I wanted to worship God, to pray to Him, but I could not. I could not sustain a prayer from the beginning to the end. In my powerless state, Jesus saved me. It was the right time, the ‘due time’. In God’s time all things become complete and beautiful! All glory to my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!
In Christ I declare:
I am a born again child of God!
I am a sinner saved by grace!
Jesus Christ died for me that I may live!
I have eternal life!
I have received the power of resurrection!
Glory to God!
In Jesus name

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