(Fasting and prayer Day 8)

“Do not be excessively righteous, and do not be overly wise. Why should you ruin yourself?” (Ecc 7:16)
A mature Christian is spiritually balanced, just like his Lord; Jesus Christ. This is a common mistake I have seen with many believers. When they repent, they try to move away as fast and as far as they can from an error or sin of the past. Of course, it is good to repent. But do not “over-repent”, for that is dangerous. In Nigerian slang this person is called an “over-sabi”. An evil spirit of religion can mislead you even in the good things you want to do. The farther you move in the opposite direction, like the pendulum, you may move towards an opposite error. Then you have to repent of your false repentance.

What is the correct thing to do? You go to the Cross of Jesus Christ and stop there!!! Spiritually speaking, you have to learn when to move and when to stop. You need to locate the Cross and stay there! That is the only place in the universe where the grace of God is released to you. Do not be too fast or too slow! Follow the lead of the Holy Spirit! Keep your eyes on Jesus! False repentance is deception and leads to ruin! True repentance is purely the work of the Holy Spirit and it ends in peace, joy, increased faith and glorious worship!

In Christ I declare:
I am a child of God!
I do not trust myself or in my own understanding!
I humble myself under the mighty hand of God!
I completely trust my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who first loved me and died for my sins that I may live forever!
I reject legalism and false religious spirits!
I reject the evil spirit of “over-sabi”!
I am free and free indeed!
Glory to God!
In Jesus name

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