(Fasting and prayer day 14)
This is the story of a wonderful brother in Christ. Many Africans have gone to America to find better lives. They went there to enjoy ‘The American Dream’. But he was the first Christian to go from Africa to America, just to learn more about the Holy Ghost. He was part of “God’s Dream”.
He was born in 1873, in a small village in Liberia, West Africa to a traditional ruler. His name was Prince Kaboo. While still a child, a neighboring clan defeated his people and demanded Kaboo’s father pay a hefty ransom for his son’s return. His father could not pay so he had to suffer daily intense beatings and torture in the enemy’s camp. He almost died. But one day he saw a light and he heard a voice who told him to flee. He obeyed the voice and supernatural strength came. He escaped running thru the jungle. He arrived to Monrovia where he met with some missionaries from Taylor University in Indiana, US. They thought him English, how to read and write and they led him to Christ. He now had a strong desire to ‘know more about the Holy Ghost’. He decided to go to America where he can be educated and learn more about the Holy Ghost. His plan was to come back and preach to his people about Jesus. His was baptized in water and his name was changed as Samuel Morris.
He had no money. He sponsored himself by working as a laborer on a ship that went to New York. The journey was difficult. By the time they arrived in New York, most of the sailors in that ship became saved because of Samuel’s witness. He later arrived at Taylor University. He did not have money and only walked by faith. When asked by the Dean which room he wanted, Morris replied, “If there is a room nobody wants, give that to me.” He often prayed, day and night. He called prayer: ‘talking to my Father’. Anywhere he went he will tell people about Jesus. When he met Christians, he will always tell them ‘let’s pray’. He had a pure and passionate faith in God. He never doubted God. People will just fall on their knees, repent and surrender to Christ. Taylor University experienced great revival because of him. They called him ‘The Angel in Ebony”. During that winter he contacted cold, had pneumonia, and with all the prayers and treatment, he died. He was only 20 years old. But his impact on the University and on all people he met cannot be described. This is what the Dean of the university said at his burial: “Samuel Morris was a divinely sent messenger of God to Taylor University. He thought he was coming over here to prepare himself for his mission to his people, but his coming was to prepare Taylor University for her mission to the whole world. All who met him were impressed with his sublime, yet simple faith in God.” He is buried at Lindenwood cemetery. At that time the blacks were buried at the back. But he was buried in the middle of the cemetery, as God’s bridge between the whites and the blacks. His story has inspired many to go to Africa as missionaries. To God be all the glory!

Samuel MorrisSamuel Morris statueMorris HeadstoneMorris Headstone.jpg

(in the pictures you see Sammy Morris, His statue in front of Taylor University Indiana and his tombstone)

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