(Fasting and prayer day 15)
“But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ” (2Cor 11:3)

We are in a season of spiritual warfare. We try to learn as much as we can about the devil who is our mortal enemy. The primary method the devil uses to attack the believer is deception. If the devil can deceive you saying that he is not the devil, that he is not your enemy, that he is your friend and even your god, then he has won the battle. Being deceived is the same as failing the exam! Pray for discernment even in situations that look simple. For things are not as they look on the surface! The natural covers the spiritual. The natural is temporary and the spiritual is eternal. The natural deceives but the spiritual is the reality. Pray to see what God sees! Then you shall never be deceived by the devil! You shall never regret your choices!

To deceive it means to cause to accept as true what is false; it means to fail to fulfill or to disappoint. Deception causes ignorance, foolishness, helplessness and confusion. Deception is used to mislead. The devil wants to take control of your life so that you follow and serve him. To deceive it means to seduce, to cause you to leave the simple and straight path of truth and light, and to go into darkness, danger and death. Deception is craftiness. Crafty men are skillful in concealing the real motives of their words and actions. These men can be very successful in cheating others. To cheat it means to be a successful happy thief. If you are born again and Spirit filled, you can live a life free of deception! You shall not experience loss, anger or disappointment! Don’t you want that?

Read the scripture above! These are some simple questions: How does the devil attack? The devil attacks ‘By any means’ (2Cor 11:3 KJ) In Greek it means ‘anyhow, somehow, by any method available’. The devil is not choosy. Any method is good enough for him, if he can gain something and you can lose something. He attacks thru the weakness of your flesh or thru the love of the world. He does not mind to come as a serpent (quietly manipulative) or like a lion (loud and intimidating). You need to cover all the areas of your life with prayers. The devil is not afraid of any ‘holy ground’. He is ‘Jacks of all trades. ‘Any means’ is good enough for him.
What is the purpose of his attack? The devil’s aim is to keep you far away from Christ!
What is the area of his attack? The devil wants to control your mind, your thoughts and imagination!
The devil attacks your mind, intending to load it with thoughts that are ugly, lustful, anxious, doubtful, depressive and fearful. He wants to complicate, corrupt and weaken your mind so that you lose that holy child-like God-trusting simplicity of Christ.

What is the solution? What can you do? It is only a child of God that can defeat the devil! Of course you need to study the Word of God and to pray. This is a good advice I personally apply all the time: When the devil knocks at the door of your heart, do not open it!!! Do not open your heart by reflex just because you hear a noise outside! Do not be curious about the person knocking the door! Remember that Jesus is inside your heart! Send Jesus to open the door. The devil will surely run away! That is what I do! That is why I stand and rejoice daily!

In Christ I declare:
I am a child of God!
I reject any demon of deception, stealing, fear, confusion, loss and lack!
Like David, I pursue, overtake and recover all I lost in the past!
I plead the Blood of Jesus over my body, soul, mind and spirit!
I plead the Blood of Jesus over my finances!
My debt is paid by Christ on the Cross!
I stand in the victory of Christ my Lord!
To the glory of God!
In Jesus name



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