“Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to throw some of you… Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life” (Rev2:10)

Unfortunately, adultery and divorce are very common sins, even among the Christians. The devil is not original. The same ‘basic’ sins are the reasons for the fall of many believes. But I want to encourage all believers that it is possible to remain faithful to The Lord, even to the end! Backsliding may seem fashionable! So many backsliders still go on with their ministries like nothing happened. Many see backsliding as just ‘a normal phase’ in the Christian race. They think that a backslider can come back to Jesus just by wishing it or by a little prayer of repentance. The truth is not so easy…

You may chose to sin any time you wish but you cannot come back to the fullness of Christ any time you wish. Crucifying Christ the second time is not a small sin. The process of restoration is under the direction and control of the Holy Spirit. The Cross must speak on your behalf! It is a hard and difficult road… It is possible to come back. The prodigal son came back. But much pain can be avoided if we remain faithful to Jesus, to the One who died that we may live for Him!

This is what the Bible teaches: salvation is eternal! A true born again child of God cannot lose his salvation!!! He cannot become a child of the devil even if he falls into sin. He cannot go to hell. There are many who argue this but the doctrine is true. Now this is the question: if a believer does not lose his salvation, what does he lose?

A backsliding believer loses fellowship with God, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost! He loses sense of direction making too many mistakes. He loses his good and fruitful testimony. In fact he now has a negative ‘testimony’. He loses his spiritual sight, becomes blind and bound like Samson. He loses his assurance of salvation. He loses his godly wisdom and becomes foolish. Even if he still goes to church, he becomes timid about his faith. He loses his spiritual balance and falls easily into sin. He loses his faith in miracles and his rewards in heaven. He grieves and quenches the Spirit of God.

The foundation of a believer is very important. Why do you say that you are saved? What are the motives that you still remain loyal to Christ? Why do you stay faithful to your Lord? What is the secret to a long time faithful and fruitful testimony as a servant of God? Some believers stay faithful only for as long as they ‘gain something’ from Jesus. Others stay faithful because they fear going to hell. But the truth is that visible gains and emotions change with time. If your faithfulness depends on things, gifts, blessings or feelings, when the devil strikes (and he will strike) you shall backslide. Some backsliders stop going to church. Some continue to attend services at some worldly church but internally they backslide; their heart and mind is the same as of any unbeliever. They habitually lust sexually, covet material things, lie, become over ambitious and proud.

What the is the solution? The secret is to start with Jesus, continue with Jesus and end up with Jesus! Come to Jesus, take up your cross daily and follow Jesus! Fight the good fight of faith! Be jealous over your testimony as a faithful child and servant of God! There is a crown at the end! Guard your heart because it is the spring of the water of life to many! Rejoice always that you are a child of God! Boast about it! Hate sin and ever appearance of sin! Stay pure! Stay holy! Stay hot! Pray! Let the fire of passion for Jesus consume any other idol in your heart! Be true to God, to the Word of God and to yourself! Hate deception and hypocrisy! Aggressively engage in spiritual warfare and do exploits for the King of kings! Be among the best ‘in the class’! Do not stay behind, in the shadow of the world! Worship The Lord! Be filled and stay filled with the Holy Spirit! You can do it! Let all men be liars, God is forever true! To God be all the glory!

‘I have decided to follow Jesus! I have decided to follow Jesus!
No turning back, no turning back!
The world behind me, the Cross before me
No turning back, no turning back!’


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