Have you ever heard the voice of God
Guiding you like a shepherd’s rod?
Some thing He spoke to only a few,
But He spoke to me, and He’ll speak to you.
They talked to Him, the prophets of old,
Their trouble to Him they always told;
They asked for guidance, and what did He do?
He spoke to them – and He’ll speak to you.
There will be times when you have to fight
To hold thought on Him and know the right,
But He’s always there, you’ll find it’s true –
Just listen for Him and He’ll speak to you.
When in times of trouble I turned to Him,
And chances of help seem mighty slim,
Lo, then, angel thoughts came clearly through –
Yes, He speaks to me, and He’ll speak to you.
Now, the answer may come by Bible word,
Or perhaps a voice never before heard;
Hymns, friends, angel thoughts, are but a few
Are the many ways He’ll speak to you.
So, child of His, please remember this,
Talk to your God if things seem amiss.
He will surely hear and He’ll answer too.
Yes, He loves and will REALLY speak to you.
-Michael M. Abrums-
Give your life to Christ and He will speak to you too!
“My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me” (Jn 10:27)


  1. Joel Laju Emiko says:

    Thanks a lot ma!

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