“Better is a poor but wise youth than an old but foolish king who no longer pays attention to warnings… who refuses all advice” (Ecc 4:13)

The story of King Saul is a sad story but there are many lessons for us to learn. King Saul was once the king of Israel. The people of God asked for a king to be like the other nations. Before then, God was their King, but they wanted a visible human leader. They rejected Jesus as the King of kings. That is how Saul became their king. God was grieved by their request but He was fair to Saul. God gave him the gift of a good start. Saul was humble (at the beginning) and handsome. He looked like a king. He had favor with men. People gathered around him and supported him. He had some success as a military leader. He was religious. He knew the power of the Holy Spirit and the prophetic anointing that can change a man’s heart. He had a wife (or wives) and children. He had a good relationship with the great Prophet Samuel, at least at the beginning of his reign. But he failed the basic tests of spiritual leadership. He disobeyed Samuel’s command to wait, taking upon himself the mantle of a priest. Even then, God gave him a second chance. This time he was to destroy God’s enemies. But he failed again. Disgraced, he declared himself to be a fool at last. He finally lost his peace, joy, authority, crown, testimony, his sons and his life. David replaced him as the king of Israel! What a story!

Saul has died long ago but his spirit is still on earth influencing many. What can we learn from this? These are just some lessons for us:
To be alive is a gift from God! Thank God that you are alive!
To be a leader (president, king, governor, pastor or husband) is a gift from God! Thank God for your office!
We should remain humble, faithful, submissive and obedient to God in all situations! Reject foolish pride!
We should be wise and take advice from others who are godlier than us! Thank God for your godly friends!
There are many losers, cowards and mad fools in position of leadership! Be not surprised that your leader is a fool!
If you lose favor with God, you shall lose favor with men! God gives grace only to the humble! Humble yourself!
If you grieve the Holy Spirit there is no hope for you! No matter what, do not grieve the Holy Spirit!
It is possible to take God’s gifts for granted! Always thank God for everything He has given to you!
It is possible to be handsome and in the same time a jealous, wicked coward! Do not judge people by the outward appearance! Look at their hearts! Test the spirits for they are not all from God!
It is possible to be promoted and still end in disgrace! Refuse any promotion if you are not ready to obey God!
It is possible to start well and end up badly! Finish your Christian race!
It is possible to be religious and not a child of God! Be sure that you are born again! Examine your faith!
It is possible to be a good and faithful follower even to a bad leader! Pray for wisdom!
It is possible to be a good friend to a bad man! Pray for more anointing!
Betrayal will destroy a man!
If you are unrepentant, unfaithful and disobedient to God, God will raise another in your place!
God’s plans cannot be frustrated. God is the final judge and He sees everything!
Take encouragement in your trials for suffering is not forever. Saul failed to defeat David! Your enemy shall fail to defeat you! This is God’s promise: In His time you shall be promoted and rewarded! In Jesus name, amen!
Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords!


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