“Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (Jam 4:7)
It is almost 4 weeks since I fell and broke my ankle. As I am forced to stay indoors I have been praying more than ever before. Thank God for the gift of prayer!

There are many things to learn. One important lesson is this: if you like it or not, if you believe or not, there is a spiritual warfare going on. The devil is real and the battle is strong. He hates God and he hates the children of God! That means, if you are a born again believer, the devil hates you! We have a tendency to read these words like they are fiction or fairy tales. But the truth is that spiritual warfare is real and the best thing you should do is to prepare for it! Selah!

The scripture above is so simple that you may ignore it. But this is the Word of God! It reveals the key to your personal deliverance! The first thing you notice is the command to ‘submit to God’. To submit it means to totally surrender and to stop resisting. Remember that we are born sinners and enemies to God. For many years we have lived in rebellion to God, practicing doubt and indulging in foolish fears. We resisted God’s will for our lives. We resisted God’s Spirit and His Word! We loved the world with its superficial glamour and empty promises. We were addicted to a life of foolishness, oppression and greed.

Once you became saved, you need to completely change direction. You need a new vision and a new purpose in life! You even need to change camps in the battlefield. You need to leave the devil’s army and go to the side of God. You become a soldier for Christ. Then, putting on the whole armor of God, you turn back and face the devil. You abandon and betray the devil! You start fighting him! You need to actively resist, oppose and stand against the devil! It is an experience! You need to learn how to stand strong in the faith against the accuser of the brethren! You say NO to fear, doubt, confusion, complication, pride, lust, greed, selfish ambitions, wickedness, slander, oppression, lies and intimidation! You cannot do it in your strength! You need to be filled with the Holy Spirit to resist the Tempter! Like Jesus, you need to declare the Word of God over your situation saying: ‘It is written…’ The devil will attack mostly with intimidation saying: ‘if you resist me I will kill you…’ But this is a lie! Resist the devil and he will flee (run, scatter, vanish) from you! Not from your neighbor or you pastor! From YOU! I say ‘FROM YOU!’

I pray that these words will strengthen you to stand and fight for you life, for your marriage, for your children, for your ministry and for your destiny! God is with you! Obey the Word of God! Confess and repent from all known sins! Be filled with the Holy Spirit! You overcome the devil by the Blood of the Lamb and by the words of your testimony! Do it! Be free! Be strong! There is victory in Jesus! Your situation shall change! Just like that! In Jesus name! Amen!


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