“Get up; go away! For this is not your resting place yet…” (Micah 2:10)

These are notes from my traveling diary:
One of the most difficult things to do is to keep walking until you reach your destination. We easily find excuses to slow and sit down. Every nice bench will do for tired bones. Even the floor looks inviting…
This hotel room looks better than my own back home. The bathroom is marble and the door is made of mirror. So why leave them and go? This is the answer: Because it is not mine. I have not yet reached my resting place.

I am a pilgrim in this world. This place is good but the future planned by God for me is much better. So I learn to enjoy this moment …and then let it pass… I am moving forward holding on my dreams… For the promise of hope to have a chance and a space to manifest…

If God has given you a promise of a better future… if you are praying but the things are still not taking shape…if things distract you along the way, even then…still keep moving… until you cross the finishing line, until you reach your resting place.

A happy marriage is one of the resting places on this earth, no doubt about it…this is God’s design! This is the word: if you are ‘unhappily’ married, keep praying, do not settle for less… the hotel is not your house and the hotel maid is not your wife…if you are not married, then move on with fasting and prayer until your life partner shall manifest…you shall not fall in love with a stranger, with a hotel greeter…your own is your own…

I encourage you to press on and fulfill your destiny in Christ, for all God’s children are special and their peace and joy is assured!
Get up now and keep moving…chase God and His plans for you!

I am looking behind an I see you coming… Do not disappoint me…soon, we shall be moving together .. OYA! Keep moving…new strength is just released to you… I promise you I see the rainbow… the best is yet to come!

(the word ‘Oya’ in Nigerian slang means “Let’s go!)

The journey continues…

keep going

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