“By faith Moses, when he became of age, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter, choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin, esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt; for he looked to the reward” (Heb 11:24-26)


It is almost eight weeks since I fell and broke my ankle. This difficult season has been for me a wonderful time with God. I almost forgot how sweet is to experience the extraordinary grace of God given to them who suffer for Christ’s sake. There are many lessons for me. I have been sharing some with you. This is what I have discovered…


Faith in God must be tested to be proven real. Faith in God must grow and must be purified by the fire of affiliation. God chooses the time and the type of test for each believer. I know that the devil attacked me. God allowed it to happen for His glory and for my good. No devil can take that from me!


In a way I was not surprised that this ‘accident’ happened. My husband and I we started a church ‘from scratch’ here in Nigeria. Both of us are pastors in full time ministry. We both preach the truth! I have been involved in prophetic spiritual warfare. We pray for revival. Prayers became more fervent as we interceded for Warri and Effurun in Nigeria. The devil has been pushed back. His captives are set free. I knew that there will be a backlash. But that did not stop me to fight the good fight of faith. God sent me to Nigeria with a missionary anointing. There is no fear in my heart. The battle is the Lord’s! Jesus has never lost any battle and He can never lose! We are soldiers for Christ! The victory is sure!


Read the scripture above. There are different levels of faith. Faith must grow. Mature faith makes some choices that baby Christians are not able to do. Like Moses, a mature Christian will reject any relationship with sin from the past. Pharaoh’s daughter was good to Moses. She was his adoptive mother. He could not separate from her when he was a child. But when ‘he became of age’ he rejected her as a mother to him. No unbeliever will be able to control a believer for too long. The separation must happen. It is the sword of God in action! It is painful to the flesh but pleasing to God.


Faith chooses suffering instead of sin. No unbeliever can make this choice.  Only faith in God can choose to suffer for God. Sin has its pleasures but they last only for a season. When the season changes, the same pleasures become bitter and deadly like poison. This is the Word of God: if you reject sin you will suffer. But be encouraged for the suffering is also for a season. The pleasures of sin and the suffering for sin are temporary. But what mighty is the difference in their reward! Sin will lead to death and eternal perdition. But the suffering here on earth leads to eternal glory and joy in heaven!


This is my testimony. It is proven by my scars. I am so happy that the attack happened here in my house in Nigeria and not abroad. It is a territorial demon from Nigeria that attacked me. This proves that my ministry here is having an impact. Some people suggested that I should go abroad for treatment. Why abroad? The devil attacked me in Nigeria so I will stay in Nigeria to see the end of the story!  My healing is from God but will come in Nigeria. We have suffered together we must rejoice together! My testimony will bless the people of Nigeria first of all. We are one Body! Long ago I have made a promise to God that I chose to die rather than backslide and serve the devil. Any day any time by faith I chose suffering for God than to sin. Hand in hand with Jesus, I walk on the royal way of the Cross! I died to sin and its pleasures. I died to the world and to the devil.  Let it be written in my book in heaven that I Malia chose suffering instead of sin. Like Moses, I too look up for my reward! Now it is time to worship God….

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