“It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life. But there are some of you who do not believe… ” (Rom 6:63, 64)


The Holy Spirit is God. He is the third Person of the Trinity. The Father invented the plan of salvation. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, executed it thru His life on earth and death on the Cross. The Holy Spirit has come from the Father and in the name of Jesus Christ. He applies the revelation of salvation to our minds. The Holy Spirt is given to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. This is His primary purpose on earth. Any activity in the church, any sermon, any gift or any prayer that does not glorify and magnify the Lord Jesus Christ is not of the Spirit of God. Its source is the counterfeit evil spirit of religion which works thru the flesh. Without the Holy Spirit you will read the Bible in vain, you will pray without success, you will go to church and serve God for nothing. Religion without the Holy Spirit is unprofitable, useless, boring, disappointing and dangerous. It is the Holy Spirit who gives life and revives your spirit. As a believer, if you grieve the Holy Spirit you will become spiritually weak, lazy, insecure, afraid and depressed. If you are truly born again, you will not lose your salvation but you will lose your reward, your confidence and joy.


Many Christians do not know the difference between flesh and Spirit. May God open your eyes to see! My dear children please do not invest in the things of the flesh. That labor is superficial, temporary and deceitful for it has no gain at last. Flesh lusts after sinful things. Sin ends in death. There is no profit in death. Nobody can praise God in the grave! Do not be among those who do not believe or reject the truth! Be among them who are called the true children of God, who are men and women of the Spirit! Let your life will bring light to this dark world! Be filed with the Holy Spirit! By the grace of God you shall make progress and move forward. You will never backslide! Led by the Holy Spirit you will never make mistakes. I command every evil spirit to doubt, unbelief and empty religion to leave you and go away! In Jesus name, amen!


This is God’s command: be filled with the Holy Spirit. Then your body and mind will be revived. You will be hungry for the Word of God!  You will love God and His people. You will pray with passion and faith and God will answer you. You will worship God in Spirit and in truth. You will not be discouraged when men mock, ignore, persecute or reject you. Your spirit will be strong always, even during periods of testing.  You will be free from fear. You will love the ministry. God will notice you and reward you. You will be an encourager to many. God’s favor will be with you. This is a great gain no money can buy. Sickness and old age may slow you down. Poverty and lack of education may hinder you to achieve success in life. But I counsel you not to focus on these things for they do not have eternal value. Look unto Jesus, the Author of life and the Prince of Peace! Desire to be filled with His Spirit! Sow in the Spirit and you shall reap eternal life! Signs and wonders shall follow you wherever you go!


This is my testimony: for almost eight weeks I had to stay indoors because of a broken leg. My infirmity stops me to do many things. I cannot cook or clean the house. Because of this I could have been depressed. But I prayed to God to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that even in this difficult situation I will be active spiritually. My ankle is weak but my spirit is very strong! My husband is doing ‘my work’ now. He said that he misses me in the kitchen. He said he feels lonely there cooking for the two of us. But one thing is sure: he does not miss me in the Spirit. In the evenings, we have long talks about the Word of God. We pray together. We have sweet fellowship in the presence of God. We exchange ideas. We challenge one another to draw closer to God. We share our ‘discoveries’ from the treasure of the Bible. We rejoice together as we dig deeper to find the gold of the Gospel. We encourage one another to write books. In this way, even now when I cannot do much physical work, I do not feel frustrated, left behind, angry or bitter with myself. Patiently I wait for my healing testimony. Until then I walk in the Spirit who knows no boundaries and has no limitations! As you can see, I am free! Glory to God!

pray in bed

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