Today it is nine weeks since I fell and broke my ankle. For all this time I had to stay indoors. This Monday the doctor removed my cast. I now have to do physiotherapy, learning to walk again. This has been a most interesting journey. The fracture stopped me from walking, from going to church, from cooking and taking care of my husband and other things where I needed my physical strength. But the same fracture failed to break my spirit. The devil could not stop me doing these holy things: study of my Bible, praise and worship my God, prayer, intercession, writing my books, encouraging my husband in his ministry and encouraging my children (natural and spiritual) in their walk with the Lord!


I therefore conclude that the devil is a liar and a loser. He ‘tried’ his best and his worst and he failed! The more he attacks me, the more I am revived by the Lord! By the grace of God, in Christ, I am a champion and an overcomer! My faith has been purified in the fire and shines like gold. I feel happy! I feel strong! This is a good place to be!


This is a good lesson for all: Do not dwell on your loses! Look unto Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of your faith! God is your Provider! He will not stop being your Shepherd even when things go rough! The devil cannot stop Jesus to perform wonders in your life! Jesus Christ is still Lord over all!


“Count your blessings, name them one by one! And you shall be surprised at what the Lord has done!”

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