“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth” (3 Jn 1:4)

I recently received a note from a dear daughter in Christ. It is such a pleasure to see our spiritual children growing in the faith and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. This is so encouraging for me in particular, to see that God leads and blesses my children even now, in this particular season, when I cannot attend the church services. It encourages me to continue to invest in them, for deeds, good or bad, are like seeds that one day become a harvest. May you tap from this prophetic anointing of spiritual and material prosperity! In Jesus name, amen!

“Dear Malia,
good morning Ma. How are you and how’s your health. I know God is perfecting His healing on you. I’ve never ceased praying for you, and every time I eagerly anticipates, await and expect to see you again after such a long time. Mummy I’ve really missed you, the voice that always speaks the timely word that hits my heart so hard. I pray it be soonest. Amen.

Mummy!!! God has been so good to me, and He has indeed revealed Himself as the FAITHFUL COLLECTOR OF MY PRAYER. Whenever I hear you call Him that name, there’s always this peace that floods my heart cos I know He has heard me. Mummy, it’s exactly 1year since God blessed me with a shop for my sewing business, even with the ups and downs I can confidently say God has been Good and Faithful to me. I wrote down the word of advice you gave me before I started my shop. You said: “Never be jealous on anybody’s success! Mind yoru own business, keep humble, serve God and you shall fulfill yoru destiny!” Those words were constantly in my heart even when times were tough for me. At some point pride crept into my head and heart but the word of God was a constant reminder to repent. “God resist the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

Mummy now this is my testimony. Just last week I got a job to sew uniform for a school. It is worth 1.2million naira. Brother… encouraged me to apply for it and I did. It’s a job people would bribe to get, A lot of people, more experienced than me applied for the job and I was the last to submit my samples, People told me how difficult it is to please the school but I trusted God alone and he favored me. Grace spoke on my behalf. All they saw was perfection and I know that can Only be God’s hand at work. Mummy my heart is overwhelmed. God’s love for me always amazes me. And I give Him Alone ALL THE GLORY. I praise You, JEHOVAH OVER DO!!! And above all my faith is getting stronger and I’m loving God more and will serve Him more. I will not forget to pay my tithe in the church’s offering box. I want to honor God for He is good to me. God bless you Ma!
Your daughter….”

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