“From now on let no one trouble me, for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus” (Gal 6:17)
In Greek, the word ‘trouble’ means oppressive labor that makes you week and depressed. The word ‘mark’ means to be stamped with a seal of fire for recognition of ownership. It is a scar of service. A mature believer passes thru many trials of faith. Each one is like a spiritual tattoo, a painful experience that leaves a permanent mark and changes him forever. It is the way cattle owners do livestock hot branding.
If you obey the command of Jesus to carry your cross and follow Him, the devil will surely attack you. Each attack is painful but count it as a privilege. It leaves a spiritual mark that identifies you as a tested and approved servant of God. After you pass thru the fire of God, no man or devil will be able to ‘trouble’ you. Spiritual maturity means that your enemies will not be able to weaken your faith or to make you depressed. No matter the trial, you will not backslide. Each trial ends in a greater testimony of glory!
What are the marks you should bear on your body?
*The mark of Persecution for Christ’s sake (Jn 15:20). Persecution is an unfair wicked oppressive behavior against you just because you are a born again Christian. The more you love Jesus, the more the unbelievers will persecute you.
*The mark of Hatred and Betrayal for Christ’s sake (Mt 10:21, 22). The devil will plant fake friends around you so that you will love them and later they will betray you. It is very painful to discover that your relationship was a total waste of time, emotions and prayers.
*The mark of Death for Christ’s sake. This death is not always the martyr’s death. It may be a death to the world which manifests as rejection from your friends and family. They abandon you, leaving you as an orphan (Rom 8:35, 36)
All these trials leave spiritual scars. They are the badge of honor given to you from the Captain of your Salvation. Never regret the pain received for Christ sake! The reward is greater than you can imagine! You who suffer, do not be ashamed! Be encouraged today!

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