“May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth” (PV 5:14)

I received a letter from a sister in Christ, a testimony to God’s grace in her life. She is a committed Christian. She is married for about 12 years. She and her husband struggled with their relationship at the beginning of their marriage. They come from difficult backgrounds and did not know how to apply the Christian principles to their marriage. The husband did not know how to love ‘like Christ loves the church’ and she did not know to submit to her husband ‘as unto the Lord’. As they were trying to have children they had three miscarriages. For a long time they also had financial problems. They are much better now. I am a witness that both of them overcame many odds by the grace of God. This letter shows a much happier woman. As you read this letter, may your faith increase! May God change your water into wine in your marriage! God can do it! He can change impossible situations and make the Rose bloom in the dessert! If you believe…

“Dear Malia
I thank God for your trip as I know you are enjoying it,I too am hopeful that some day we ( my husband and I) will join.I have prayed and am trusting God for manifestations am not afraid….Nevertheless I want to share this testimony with you.,about a week ago I had to go somewhere… The road to the place is quite bad so I decided not to drive but take keke.My husband who happened to be in town volunteered to walk me to were I could get keke….hmmm on our out way an okada guy just yeld” oga abeg the day of the marriage invite me o” I was taken aback cos I didn’t understand initially just then I realised that my husband had is hand on my shoulder and also was doting on me( unusual in Nigeria talk less of warri). I smiled back as I told the okada man we have been married for close to 12 years now he couldn’t believe it,he thought my husband was just “toasting” me. Malia, I am so thankful because to me this is a big testimony and I pray I will never get used to sweet marriage( full of romance ) that I will forget to thank God as he is doing other great things.Also, all these years my mattress has been on the floor even in this new house, just this Month of August God gave me bed and a beautiful dressing mirror, I feel like a Queen in my bedroom now.I share this to give God praise and to shame the devil. Ha! …I almost forgot, now am rehearsing songs by faith I will get it right and am bold cos that shyness has gone in Jesus mighty name….am not relaxing o that testimony of me being pregnant will come too I will not make it easy for the devil. God bless you ma.I love and miss you…”

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