“And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart” (Ezekiel 36:26)

The Bible describes two types of hearts: hard (un spiritual, unbelieving, of the flesh) and soft (spiritual and believing). We are all born sinners. A sinner needs to come to Christ and repent of his sins. Then the miracle happens: God will change his heart, his spirit. This is what it means to be born again, to be filled with the Holy Spirit. It means to be saved and have eternal life. Are you really saved?

The hard heart is a sinful stubborn and proud heart. It is un-sensitive to God or to the feelings of other people. The hard heart is the reason why men and women are not able to marry, why couples divorce or why they cannot be faithful friends to others.

Read in the book of Exodus the confrontation between Moses and Pharaoh. Jehovah God commands Moses to go back to Egypt and free His people from their slavery. God tells him that Pharaoh will not listen because He has ‘hardened’ his heart (Ex 4:21). These are some of the signs of a hard heart as seen in Pharaoh words and actions: A hard heart is a wicked heart. It hates God and His people, he hates the true worship of God and prayer. It sees no value in serving God. It calls spiritual sacrifice laziness (Ex 5:8). A hard heart is very stubborn, unwilling to change, totally resistant to any outside influence. This extreme stubbornness is not natural but demonic (1Sam 15:23).

God punished Pharaoh. A hard hearted person will be demoted losing all privileges and social position. Poverty, loneliness and failure are the effects of a hard heart. No man or woman can prevail against a person whose heart is hard; no begging or pleading can change him. Only God can ‘break’ that heart and change it, but thru much pain and suffering. Pharaoh pretended to repent but his repentance was fake. He did not fear God even after much display of His supernatural power (Ex 6:1; 9:27-30). A hard unrepentant heart surely ends in disaster! (PV 28:13. 14)

If you have a hard heart, my words seem like foolishness to you. You will reject the truth that sets you free. I can only plead for mercy from The Lord on your behalf. If you are a believer and married to a hard hearted person, then you should know that it is only God who can help you. There is no need to fight, quarrel or plead with your stubborn spouse. It will not work. Pray this prayer: ‘Father God, no matter what it takes, save my husband’s (or my wife’s) soul. Have mercy on us! In Jesus name!’

Salvation in Christ is the beginning of the true change. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit the hard heart becomes soft, merciful, wise and loving. The change is supernatural, dramatic, real and gives God alone all the glory. The saved person becomes responsible and spiritually mature. He now is a true faithful friend!

Humanly speaking, the change of heart is a difficult process. There are tears and sleepless nights of prayers. To enjoy the benefits of a new heart and a new happy marriage takes years of work. But it is worth the effort! It requires knowing and applying the Word of God, love, faith, patience, wisdom, fasting and many prayers. There is also need for spiritual warfare and deliverance as the Spirit leads. This is the deep peculiar work of salvation, done by the Holy Spirit in the souls of men. Religion cannot do it. Attending church cannot do it! The pastor cannot do it! Only The Lord Jesus Christ can change the hearts of men! It is not an easy road but it is the only road that leads to life eternal, success, prosperity, peace and joy. It is the only way to have a happy and successful marriage! I am a witness to it! I promise you that if you cooperate with the Holy Spirit, The Lord will do it! To God be all the glory!

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