“So Abraham hurried into the tent to Sarah and said, “Quickly, make ready three measures of fine meal; knead it and make cakes.” ( Gen 18:6)

More than three months ago I broke my ankle. I could not stand or walk. My husband chose to lovingly and sacrificially take care of me during those difficult weeks. Some people advised that I should go ‘abroad to stay with our children, to have a better treatment’. Others said that we should hire a maid to take care of me. My husband and I, in one accord and ‘with no shaking’ (as we say in Nigeria) decided that I am going nowhere and I will stay in the house, in Warri, until healed. My husband also decided that we shall not hire anybody and that he will cook the meals and do whatever is necessary in the house. This decision was not easy because he is a very busy man with ministry and all. But this was what we decided as a married couple.

The devil attacked and I was incapacitated for a while. We did not want to make it easier for the devil by allowing any form of separation in the flesh or spirit between the two of us. We did not want to bring in any strange spirit in the form of a hireling ‘maid’. The danger to negatively affect the atmosphere in the home was greater than the so called benefits. So we decided ‘to stick together’, to pray and to seek the face of God thru it all. Looking back, I can confidently say that it was a very wise decision. As my ankle was healing, so our marriage became better, stronger and sweeter. We had time to re-bond as a couple. We had long uninterrupted hours of fellowship in the presence of God. We open our hearts afresh to The Holy Spirit and to one another. We became vulnerable to one another once more. We prayed new prayers. We sang new songs.

Since last year we had planned a vacation during this time. For some time we were not sure if I can make it. I did not want to travel in a wheel chair. But God His wonders. This vacation is one of the best we ever had. I am still limping (for now) but the sweet wine of Jesus produced long ago at the wedding in Cana flows gently in our marriage. This trip was free from errors of judgment, foolish anxieties and unnecessary complications. It was very relaxing and good for our bodies and spirits. Thank God!

I want to confess this: one thing I truly missed all those weeks of lying in bed is to wake up before my husband, to have a quick ‘quiet time’ alone, drink my coffee, and then prepare our breakfast. It is true that my husband became a champion at cooking during this time of trial. But I still consider the kitchen to be my own personal ministry and I was so happy to come back to my holy duties as a wife. We are in Houston in a hotel with a mini kitchen (we generally like to stay in hotels that have cooking facilities). I just finished making an omelette (4 eggs, onions, tomatoes, hot pepper, ham…) and I am happily waiting for my husband to wake up hungry for both spiritual and physical food. By the grace of God, I am ready to give him both. Like with Sarah of old’, you never know if one day you have the privilege to cook for angels or even for The Lord! Your dreams can come true at the end of a good meal!

Marriage is sweet for me, for us… What the devil intended for evil, God used it for good. God always has the last say in the affairs of His children. To God be all the glory!

Lastly… dear children, be happy for your parents are happy! This is your inheritance and approved by God portion in life! Reject depression and frustration! Reject poverty and foolishness! Reject doubt and stagnation! Rejoice in The Lord! And I say again: rejoice! It is well!

Your mother,


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