“Where there is no revelation (prophetic vision) people cast off restraint (run wild and become naked); but blessed and joyful is whoever obeys God’s law” (PV 29:18)

God speaks to you first if all thru the Bible and His Spirit. He also speaks thru His prophets whose words are always in unity with the Word of God. God gives you not only a short term vision, how to solve your problems now, what you should do today. But He also gives you the long term plan, the strategy on how to maintain and refresh the miracles, your marriage, children or the healing you have received. Just like the lights of the car, you need both these revelations to be happy and successful in life.

Without God’s vision and His living Word, the people ‘perish’. In Hebrrew, the word ‘perish’ it means to become idle, to cease from doing good works, to become stubborn, rude, rebellious against God and His delegated authorities. It also means to become wild, to run about naked like a crazy man, to be demoted from all privileges in the society and in the church. These are the signs of a spiritual blind, spiritually deaf and spiritually dead person! Selah!

Today, if you are a child of God, if you have eternal life, if your spiritual ears and eyes are open to the beauties of the Gospel, then bow your head and worship your Savior! Give thanks that by God’s grace you hear, enjoy and obey God’s Word. Give thanks to God that you are covered by the Blood of the Lamb, by His mantle of protection and glory. Give thanks that you live happily serving God! Give thanks! Give thanks! In Jesus name, amen!

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