A sister in Christ shared with me this testimony. God indeed saved her life! To God alone be all the glory! In Jesus name, amen!
This testimony is given to the glory of God, to the shame of satan and for the encouragement of the brethren!

“Dear Malia,
It couldn’t have been done by anyone else or for any other reason than my great God and for his love and mercy that has no end. The story could have been different but He made sure it ended His own way. You see, this God that I serve is awesome and mighty beyond description. A true saviour and redeemer. Dependable and mighty, able and faithful. I had been trusting God for so many things at the same time and this very particular miracle wasn’t even on the list, but He did it anyway because He is God.

This same day 4 years ago, I woke up and prayed and proceeded to drop my daughter off at school. She had only resumed a few days before. I picked up a sister and her baby after dropping her off and we went to a few shops around GRA, Benin to get some things. I dropped the sister and I decided to go back home as I suddenly developed a headache. As soon as I got into the car I locked the doors and was about to back into the road when suddenly, a young man walked to my door and was trying to get into the car. He pulled at the handle and I looked at him with my crazy eyes like ‘you dey crase or something? ‘ . Hmmm, the guy quietly pulled a gun out of a plastic bag and showed it to me. At that moment I just froze. I gently opened the door and he ordered me to the back seat. He followed me in and some other guy gets in the drivers seat and starts driving. I was confused, horrified and broken. He quickly dispossessed me of the cash, phones and jewellery I had on.

I begged, I begged like I had never begged in my life. ‘please just take the car and let me go, I have a little child at school ‘, I pleaded. The guy kept threatening to kill me if I don’t stop. They demanded for a 20million ransom before I will be released. 20 million ke. I laughed small sha in the midst of the tears, I just couldn’t help it. I told them it wasn’t possible because I didn’t even have a tenth of that. I begged and cried my eyes out. We drove through the major roads in Benin undetected and my hopes of being let go dwindled gradually.

We hit the expressway leading to the East and apparently, their get away ride didnt show up( the plan was to ditch the car at the bypass and continue in another car). So we continued the ‘journey’ in my mum’s car. They stopped to pick two more gang members and my imagination went mad. I wept, I wept for myself, my baby who wasn’t even 2 yet, I wept for my mother and my husband. I wondered who was wicked enough to plan such evil against me. And then I remembered to pray, as in really pray. So I began to pray o. Psalms 121 plus 91 plus 23 all mixed up. And I said in my heart, ‘God it is all up to You, do as You will. I am Yours and everyone knows I am Yours. Defend Your name.’ then I wiped my tears and watched as we went on.

Suddenly, we saw a highway patrol vehicle ahead of us. Immediately the driver saw them, he turned the car around, heading back towards Benin. The guy with the gun started arguing with him and they kept bickering at each other. I noticed the car was travelling at almost 160km, haaa I panicked and took permission to use my seat belt. Before I could even strap up, we heard a loud noise and the car lost control and veered off the highway and into the bush between the going and coming lanes. I began to scream, ‘JESUS! JESUS!! JESUS!!!’ (in my mind I was thinking, haba only me? Kidnapping and accident same day?). As soon as the car stopped, like action film all of them disappeared into the bush. Ha, me? All alone? In this bush? Naaaa. So I ran the opposite way to the express and flagged down cars, screaming for help. I got into one of the cars, a bus travelling to Lagos and I joined the passengers in front.

As soon as I got in the bus I started screaming, ‘thank You Holy Spirit,thank You Holy Spirit’, ohhh I wept, I was overwhelmed. I explained to the driver and passengers and I got a phone from them and called my husband. I couldn’t explain well enough so I handed the phone to the driver to explain better. I got off at an army checkpoint along the bypass and explained to the kind officers who drove me back to the accident scene. My husband had joined us at this point. We got down and saw some policemen towing out the car and we told them what happened( that was when I discovered that it was one of the tyres that bursted and led to the accident). They were shocked at my story. We went to the nearby police station and I couldn’t even write my statement because I was still shaking and weeping.We went back to Benin to report at the headquarters and some officers accompanied us back to the village police station.

When we got there, the officer in charge was angry at us as he had been trying to reach us on the phone but hubby’s battery had ran out. He said the vigilante group in the community had brought in two suspects and that I needed to identify them. Haaa, see me o. I finally went in after plenty fear and I saw a young man tied on the floor, I didn’t know him so I told the police so. The officer shouted at him and he immediately admitted. Ahh, that’s when I saw him well as the one who was driving. Kai, I broke down in tears, I asked him ‘why? What did I do to you?who sent you? ‘. Then they brought the second guy. I recognised him immediately. He was the one that pointed the gun at me and was sitting next to me in the car. They brought out the items found in their possession and it was all mine. Wow. This great God.

When we got back to the headquarters a few hours later with the kidnappers, it was like a party or something. People were rejoicing with us and asking so many questions. For me, I was just thankful. The Lord had delivered me and defended His name. I slept well that night. Yes I did. The devil had planned for me to have slept in the forest or a swamp or creek that night, but God’s mercy said NO. Three days later another gang member was arrested and after a few months, yet another was arrested.

Hmmm, it has been 4 years but it feels so new. Things changed, my life changed forever. I get paranoid, sometimes I’m scared, but I’m not broken, I’m strong in Jesus Name. God gave me another chance. He gave me a testimony that never gets old. He gave me a new song. He delivered me, He saved me. I know He saved me. Sometimes, I imagine what could have been if not for God who showed up for me. Hmmm, let’s not even go there. Thank you JESUS. Please all join me as I hail MY HELPER, MY KING- THE GOD OF AWESOME WONDERS!! JESUS IS LORD!!!”

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