“I took one step, than I took another one
This is where I stood!
It felt good!
I was soaked with living waters
I drank untl I was satifed
So I lifed my hands and cried, “Jesus be glorifed!”
Then I thought, why not climb higher…
I straightened my back
Thinking within myself, “surely this must be a place of no lack?”
I felt good!
But my foot slipped, and the steps became a slippery slope
Cutting all hope
I let go and slid down with breath taking speed
So here I am, at the botom all batered and bruised
I heard a voice say, “stand up!”
So I stood as one newly restored
Everything that once was I simply ignored
Contently, I looked down;
My feet were standing on level ground!”
(A poem by my friend Veronica Kuyinu)

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