“MY MOST DEAR AND LOVING HUSBAND, I cannot express my love to you, as I desire, in these poor, lifeless lines. But I do heartily wish you did see my heart, how true and faithful it is to you, and how much I do desire to be always with you. I want to enjoy the sweet comfort of your presence and those helps from you in spiritual and temporal duties, which I am so unfit to perform without you. It makes me to see my need of you and wish myself to be with you. But most of all I desire that we may be guided by God in all our ways. He alone is able to direct us for the best, and so, I will wait upon Him with patience, which is all-sufficient for me. In your absence I pray for you, for us, for the children…I miss you dearly…

I have many reasons to make me love you, whereof I will name two: first because you love God, and secondly because that you love me. How blessed I am… If these two things were missing all the rest will mean nothing to me. But I must now leave this discourse and go back to my household duties. I am a bad housewife if, in your absence, I neglect our home and the children. But I feel I must borrow a little time to talk with you, my sweet heart. It will be two or three weeks before I see you. It seems so long to me… Soon, God will bring us back together in His good time, for which time I shall pray…

Farewell my good Husband; the Lord keep thee!
Your obedient wife,
I am your Margret”

(This is a letter written by Margaret Winthrop, wife of John Winthrop, 1591- 1647. You see her in the picture. Dear wives, does this letter resemble the way you love or talk to your husband?)


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