This is a letter from a sister in Christ who lives somewhere in Southern Africa. She is my Facebook friend. She is a single mother of three. She is a cancer survivor. She is a committed Christian. She works full time as an accountant. Her desire is to be a charity worker in Africa. She has trained her children in the ways of the Lord. They all pray and fast. God has been keeping them. This testimony is a reminder that God is faithful. He supplies all that we need and the He listens to the prayers of His children. This testimony is given to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil and for the encouragement of many. If you have any word of encouragement, she shall read it. Thank you all!

“Hello My Sister
I should say it has been long since we last communicated. How are you and family? A lot has been happening and I have been so busy with a lot of things though I am always thankful for the daily posts and testimonies you always post on Facebook. Be blessed my sister!

I will update you about the family first. The children are all fine. My first son A… is doing fine, he has finished his degree in Finance and Accounting. The economy is bad. A lot of companies are closing down so it has not been easy for him. However he has since been taken on temporary basis at a company called… where he is working in the finance department. I want to give Glory to God for that job because at least he is being exposed to working environment. I was also happy when the temporary job came along because my children would not sleep praying and they would go on all night prayers and absolute fasts that they have both lost so much weight. B…, my second daughter, excelled in her ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels academics. For Advanced level, she had Mathematics A, Accounting A and Business Studies A in all she attained 15 points so she has finished her high school now. She was supposed to start her degree in Accounting in August, but the Big God we serve opened a better door for her. She was taken by an Audit firm called…. It is one of the big four Audit firms in the world, so she will be studying Articles so that one day she becomes a Chartered Accountant and at the same time she is gaining some work experience.

I have always told the children that if you trust in God He will never put you to shame. My sister the children are leaning on God and they believe with God on their side even the sky will not be the limit. I want my children to keep on praying in good or bad times, God is our only salvation. So basically my house has been a house of prayer.

C my last son is also growing into a very big boy and he is improving so much in his academics. He still has to understand though why we pray so much at home but very soon he will understand. He is now in grade 5.

I still have my dream and passion of becoming a charity worker. I want to travel around Africa and the world. I wish I could just be located by someone or an organization that could use me in that area of being a charity worker. I will be the happiest person on Earth, it will be a dream come true. I also want to cry tears of joy one day. Though I have to say I no longer want to relocate from my country, I do not want to leave my home. I would prefer something that would just take me away for a few weeks or a month and come back to my home with my heart filled with joy just fulfilling my dream. One day I was watching TV and there was this team from England in Kenya, they had assisted in that area to have tap water and they were giving out food packs to the poor people and talking to them. And I said God I want to be part of such teams and I will be happy. I want to be led because I have discovered that I am not much of a front person but I don’t mind working hard. My health, God has been faithful, I have always declared that cancer is not my portion and it will never be part of me again.

Please remember to pray for me. I am much happier now. But I still need your counsel and prayers. Love from me to you,


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