I received this letter from a sister in Christ. She is quite new in our church. She is married with three children. She is born again for some years serving God faithfully. But she became dry spiritually. She was attending a church where the pastors manipulate the congregation to give money. It affected her spirit. She told me that she has depression, fits of anger, she is impatient with her husband and kids and generally unfulfilled as a Christian. I told her to fast and pray that God will help her come back to Christ, her first love. I told her to reject the evil spirit of religion. I also told her that if she humbles herself and comes to the Cross, God will bless her in all areas of her life. This testimony is given to the glory of God, to the shame of satan and for the encouragement of the children of God. If you want to pray for her or counsel her, please do. This is her story:

“Good evening ma. May I kindly share with you how God has graced me and my family…
First, I am a grocer and have a shop upstairs in a mall where I sell raw foodstuff. Having a shop upstairs and selling foodstuff was pretty challenging as I was a bit hidden and lifting items upstairs and downstairs into clients’ cars was not easy. I desired for long to have a shop downstairs by the road. God just gave me a big shop downstairs by the road. Hallelujah! It’s much more expensive and because of its strategic position many who had ready cash put me under pressure as I didn’t have the full amount. So I prayed and left it all in God’s hands. Long story short today almost a month after the shop is mine and I only paid for 4 months instead of what they were asking for. I also gave my offerings and praised God for that shop and He did it for me. Hallelujah!

Secondly Mother, my kids are really doing a lot lot better all round and in their academics. My daughter who was always behind was declared the top speller of the week. Its never happened. Our two sons also are doing a lot better at school. My husband’s company got awarded contracts he has been bidding and working towards. Praise God!

Mother, after I spoke with you and you put me on a fast, the Holy Spirit showed me how un-thankful I had been. He opened my eyes to see things in my life to be thankful for. Ma, I asked for mercy and began thanking Him for everything even those things I was ashamed of. I also began teaching my kids to be thankful. I have a home today even though there is great room for improvement As a family, we now pray together, we love what we have and are thankful for our lives. That war, that anxiety, that turbulence I used to experience inside me has stopped and I’m now peaceful. I have learnt not to worry about vanities but To Seek God and live for Him.
I woke up one morning crying Lord I want nothing more but you. Waoh… amazing.

I’m so thankful Ma for your mentorship and TaLi’s teachings.
I’m grateful that you are my Pastors. God bless you!
Your daughter…”

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