“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded” (Jam 4:8)

This is God’s command and conditional promise. It is such a wonderful promise! It says that if you draw nearer to God, He will respond to your spirit move and come closer to you. You need to start this mysterious dance of holy love. The angels can never learn the steps. But you, child of God, you can do it…. You need to come closer to your First Love, Jesus Christ, Your Lord… You need to declare your need of God. Do not be discouraged! Even if your desire for God is little, even if your prayer is just a whisper, God in heaven will acknowledge that and encourage you by coming closer. You shall sense a new deposit of peace, joy, wisdom and strength. It is called personal revival. That is what you need…

By the way, there are more than 3500 promises in the Bible, about 10 for each day, throughout the year. What do you need to do when you read a promise of God? The first thing you need to do is to BELIEVE the Word. You need to develop the holy habit of faith. Never read the Bible the way you read a newspaper. Read the Bible with respect for the Word of God. Before reading the Word, please pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you believe it. The Word of God is not chewing gum (you just put it in your mouth, enjoy the sugar, exercise your jaws then later, spit it out)! No! The Word of God is food for the spirit. It is the Bread of life for your soul. You need to swallow it! The Word must enter your ‘stomach’, must enter your blood, your brain. It must become part of you. Then it will create the living faith that God approves of. The second step is to APPLY the Word of God in your life. The Word of God must change the way you think and behave. It must become a personal testimony inside you and visible to others. If you do this, it means you have drawn closer to God. According to God’s promise He will now come closer to you.

Finally, this is the third step: EXPERIENCE! You shall now experience the power of the Word of God, the power of the promise, the power of resurrection and life! God the Holy Spirit will indeed move and touch you afresh with His strength, gentleness, love and anointing. You become a living testimony of the Living God. People will be attracted to your God. Your life will become a river of living water to the dry souls around you. You shall minister from the overflow of the Spirit! Your words will become easy. Your loving will become ‘natural’. You become a blessing to many!

Child of God, this is what I wish you this morning! Pay the price! ‘Challenge’ God by coming closer to Him! Read the Word, fast and pray! Worship the Lamb of God! Wait for the miracle and see it coming! God does not disappoint the ones who come close to Him! This is my testimony and the testimony or millions of saints over the centuries! Make it your story too! What do you have to lose?


This is one of my best loved songs:

“Draw me, oh, draw me, please draw me, my Jesus.
Into your presence, where I cannot lie
My soul is so thirsty, I cannot endure it.
And if I can’t get closer, I surely will die.

Take me, oh take me, please take me, my Jesus.
Quickly, before I forget that I’m lost.
For so many times, my mind has deceived me,
That I really don’t have to carry the cross

Help me, oh help me, please help me my Jesus.
Save me from sins that I thought were all gone
Kill me with kindness, and break through my blindness.
I know till I’m dead, I can never live on.

I just need to know how to pray.
My wicked desires block the way,
Sometimes I have grieved you away,
I don’t want to do that today.

Draw me, oh draw me, please draw me my Jesus”

(By Keith Green, 1953-1982)

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