This is a letter I received from one of the young men in our church. I told him to share with me about his life… He was one of the ‘men of valor’ who built the building of the church. He is a simple man in the natural but beloved of God in the spiritual. He is spiritual, humble, faithful and very hard working. He is a blessing to us and to the Body of Christ. He is one of our ‘staff’. He is one of the seven ‘security and gate men’. Recently, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, he became the youth pastor in the church. All the glory to God for his conversion, sanctified life and ministry! Please pray and bless him with counsel! The best is yet to come!

“About… Ma, what can I say? My life is a complicated story because I am not used to keeping dates of events and I can’t rightly say when my conversion story begins, and I also can’t say I heard the voice of God clearly in the past, whether directly from him or spoken through someone or in a vision or night sleep. The numerous times I have answered altar call can attest to that. But I know that right when I was tender I have somewhat like apathy for the things of this world. Because I have never felt satisfied with anything I do in this world. I always feel there’s something better that I can’t explain. Among my friends I was seen as a ruthless person because of the way I walk and talk, but in my heart there’s a river of tears, cos I feel trapped, crying always for freedom. So I guess I was portraying a ruthless outward attitude to protect the inward feeble heart of mine, knowing if men see the real me, that would be the end of me.

When I was growing up I have reached death’s gate countless times. In some cases I thought I was dead but somehow I came out alive. I remember then I use to say to myself that I am a strong boy to have survived, only now I realized that it was Jesus all along, making sure His promises must be fulfilled in my life. I came to Father’s House Bible Church one Sunday in 2008, Its like u and Tali traveled, I believe it was another pastor that preached that Sunday, so I left and returned months later to become a member. I would say the presence of God arrested me, held me down and did not to leave again. I would have joined the choir, but there’s a dread of God in my heart that I can’t do the things of God and the world. At that time I wasn’t ready to leave the world so I waited. I was working in the church site, I became close to Tali and I felt a kind of bond that I could talk to him in a way that I can’t talk to any other… I have confessed Christ a long time ago but the growth in the spirit started through this bond with Tali, not only in the pulpit but in the site as well, apparently his presence always minister to me.

The month of May this year, for the first time in my life I declared a seven day fast with just water and fruits (Daniel’s type when they refuse to eat from their kings table) and my prayer is “Lord speak to me” the fourth day into the fast, Tali called me to say that God loves me, that I should work for God, to be the youth pastor… I said ‘Sir that was a mountainous task’. He said he knows but I have to do it. I went home, broke down in tears, wept like a baby… lost and found… thanking God for mercy and grace. I did not understand… I mean, I am just a gate man which is my first paid job in the 30 years of my entire life… This is the first time a man of God called me and prayed for me, to serve God… Ma, I fear God! There’s no end to the knowledge of God. God is infinite in wisdom. I can say much more but some things cannot be uttered with words. God bless Tali and you, my spiritual parents! To God be all the glory!”

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