We just ended our women’s fellowship. It was very good. Glory to God! We praised God and shared testimonies. Sister F said that her new born baby did not breath for more than two hours. God intervened and the baby is now fine. Sister F said that a big electrical fire started in her kitchen. They prayed and the fire stopped. Sister T said that robbers entered the house in the night. She shouted ‘Jesusssss’. The thieves panicked and ran away forgetting their cap and jacket behind. She said that there is power in the name of Jesus! Sister H said that God healed her from serious waist pain. They all gave God alone all the glory! Then the Word of God was shared. We talked about how to be women of God. In particular we talked about the strategy of being a godly wife to a difficult husband (1Pet 3:1-6)
We shall look again at the portrait of a woman of God. How does a Christian woman, a godly wife in particular, behave and talk? In this passage we discover some traits of her character. Please observe that this passage describes a born again wife who is married to an unbelieving or backsliding husband. But the lessons can be applied to all the wives in general. To understand this passage, you need to read the whole Book of First Peter. This is because the letter is one. You observe that chapter three starts with the words: “In like manner, in the same way, likewise…” It means that this is a continuation of the idea found in chapter two. And that idea is submission to authority for the sake of Christ! I want to say that submission is never easy, but it is how Jesus Christ related to God the Father. As a wife, the reason why you submit to God and to your husband is so that you become like Jesus, your Lord! As a godly wife you point your husband to the Lord. The intent is that your husband will see Christ in you, the hope of glory. The result is that your husband will fall in love with Christ whom he first finds in you. You are an intercessor for your husband. Your marriage is your ministry. This is a great privilege, gain and work blessed by God.
The godly wife described here is holy, beautiful, hopeful and wise. She takes her marriage very seriously. She desires that her husband become saved like she is. This is a labor of love. How does she do this work? First of all let’s see what she does not do. Two things: she does not preach to her husband with words and she does not attract her husband thru fashion or physical beauty. Preaching to your husband the way a pastor does in the church is useless in the setup of an unequal yoked marriage. The unbelieving husband will interpret your preaching as rebellion. He will reject you and your ‘sermon’. This attitude does not help anyone. Also, this woman does not use her physical beauty or fashion to attract her husband. These things may attract him intimately (which is not bad) but not to Christ.
Remember, her intent first of all is that the husband should go to Christ and not to her. In intercession, she is just a sign post directing her husband’s heart to Jesus. A sign post does not need many colors of paint. A simple one will do, so far the letters are clear and it points to the right direction. This intercession is not an easy work. It is spiritual hard labor that requires prayers, fasting and much love. Peter said in the same letter: “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins” (1Pet 4:8). Eventually, her love will ‘melt’ the sins of her husband!
If preaching and dressing up is useless in intercession, what then is the successful strategy? What should a godly wife do to draw her husband’s heart to Christ so that he can be saved? The answer is this: she must learn the true Holy Ghost submission to God and to her husband. This submission is not possible, except she is born again and Spirit filled. This submission manifests itself as “the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God”. This type of spirit does not need words or gifts to touch another. Please observe that God values this spirit so much that He is ready to come down to her. God will change the husband’s heart as a reward to the wife’s sacrificial labor. This is so wonderful! May God bless our marriages in Jesus name, amen!

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