We just ended our women’s fellowship. It was very good. Glory to God! We praised God and shared testimonies. They all gave God alone all the glory! Then the Word of God was shared. We talked about how to be women of God. In particular we talked about the strategy of being a godly wife to a difficult husband (1Pet 3:1-6)
We shall look again at the portrait of a woman of God. How does a Christian woman, a godly wife in particular, behave and talk? In this passage we discover some traits of her character. Please observe that this passage describes a born again wife who is married to an unbelieving or backsliding husband. But the lessons can be applied to all the wives in general. This wife submits to God and to her husband. To understand her submission please read about it in Chapter two. Here we are told how citizens should submit to the kings and to the governors and how the slaves should submit to their masters. But the principles of submission for the sake of Christ are universal. This is how it should be done:
*Submission is counted as spiritual work. This attitude of quietly and faithfully ‘doing good’ even under persecution has the power to ‘silence the ignorant talk of foolish men’ (1Pet 2:15).
*Submission is a fruit of spiritual freedom. Even if you are a slave in the natural, you are free in your spirit. That is why submission is like a sacrifice on the altar, holy and pleasing to God.
*Submission makes you like Jesus, who is your ‘example’ and inspiration in this holy attitude. When provoked with insults from your unbelieving husband, remain calm and quiet. Forgive him! Pray in your spirit! Have faith that God will speak to him on your behalf. Never threaten your husband with divorce! Do not use sex as a manipulation tool! When life becomes ‘unbearable’ you can run to the restroom and weep a little. But do not provoke your husband with tears. If he chooses to punish you for your good behavior, accept the pain of unjust punishment without rebelling in your heart against him. Like Jesus, entrust yourself to God who is the final judge of all men on earth (1Pet 2:21-23). Have faith that this pain is not forever! One day, your husband will come to the Cross and become born again. Your labor will end in a great harvest of righteousness. This is something good!
*Submission, like perfect love, is freedom from fear of punishment, fear of the future, fear of divorce or fear of men. In particular, correct submission for the sake of Christ will free you from fear of what your husband might say or do to you. If you fear your husband’s reaction and his punishment, then you are not submitting well or you are not saved. Love drives away all fears and torments. Love never fails. Love always wins! Read the following scripture in different translations: “As Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters you are, doing well, and not fearing any disturbance … you are her daughters if you do what is right and do not give way to fear….of what your husbands might do…” (1Pet 3:6).
*Submission produces the fruit of love! Once both of you become saved, you can now freely talk. What you could not ‘preach’ before you can do it now! Your husband will listen to your words! Both of you can preach and pray for one another as the Spirit leads. The marriage water has become wine! This is the way the holy women of faith behave. This is the testimony of Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, Hannah, Esther and Mary, the mother of Jesus. These women, they all had to find a way to increase their testimony when their husbands were either unsaved or backsliding. They had an unquenchable hope in their hearts! They trusted God to change their husbands. They had a living hope that one day their marriage will be sweet, beautiful, balanced, spiritual and fruitful. May the Word of God inspire and challenge you today!

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